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No description

Michael Daddio

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of India

Climate Geography Culture References Temperatures over 100 degrees in the summer
Violent Monsoons in the rainy season Cold Temperatures in the Mountainous Regions INDIA Tea is resilient to the monsoons Peninsula below China
Himalayas to the north
Thar Desert to the West
Bay of Bengal to the right
Coastline creates a large amount of fish in the diet Population
Over 1 billion people
1/3 the size of the U.S. Religion
80% Hindu
Because of hindu beliefs, most of the
population is vegetarian History
Civilization dates back 5000 years
Nationalist movement led by Ghandi gained independence from Britain in 1947 Government
A democratic republic with a Prime Minister as head of government. Economy
India is primarily an agricultural nation.
It is a leading producer of peanuts, rice, cheese, tobacco, wheat, cotton, milk, sugarcane, and rubber Customs
Traditional families eat food with their right hand
Women may eat after other memebers of the family Culture Grams


Credits Michael Daddio
Quiz What crop is resistant to monsoons?
What is the main religion?
What is one of the main exports?
What is one body of water that borders India?
What type of government does India have?
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