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Quality revision

No description

Teagan Sloman

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Quality revision

Quality revision
Set a variety of activities throughout the unit of revision
Model the skills and knowledge that students are required to demonstrate
Discuss different levels of response and discuss where marks are allocated
Model the thought process behind breaking down questions/topics
Show students both high and low sample responses for discussion and evaluation
Give individualised feedback on student revision - whether it is their notes, practice exams, essay drafts and so on
Target individuals/small groups - mix up the lesson structure to differentiate learning needs
Encourage students to start their revision early
PLAN your revision program
Do the same thing every lesson
Simply give students 'the answers' and rely on self-assessment
Leave revision to be purely student directed - students want to feel as though they have gained something from being there in class that they wouldn't get if they simply revised at home
Sit at the front of the class and expect that students will know how to best revise
Allow students to be passive: simply reading over notes is not effective. Students need to be DOING something
Key points
The purpose of today
has been identified by Lakeview staff as an area that needs work across all subjects and year levels.

Today, we are addressing the need for professional learning, resources and collegiate time to develop and improve our revision programs

We have found that students struggle with revision

They don't know about effective study methods
They haven't trialled study methods to find what
works for them
They use revision strategies that are ineffective
and become frustrated when their efforts are
They become overwhelmed when it comes to
revision time because they haven't developed
revision notes throughout the year
What is happening for the rest of today?
Revision goal

What will you improve/change about the way you approach revision this year?

Take a couple of minutes to write some points that you want to focus on or achieve at the end of the PL day
Planning your revision program
Developing a timetable or structure to the revision program helps students to:
Remain focused
Keep motivated
See links between topics/tasks

Students should be given opportunities to create revision notes throughout the unit of work (such as summaries and practice questions) and have time to reflect on these throughout the revision period in order to see areas of strength and identify gaps in the lead up to summative assessment.
Revision needs to be
How to Revise

There are three key revision methods:

2. memorising
3. drafting model answers

You will attend a series of five revision activity workshops to learn about different revision strategies our staff are using.

Thanks to those staff who have given up their time today to share their expertise.

There will be D&D time later to work on:
Creating engaging, powerful revision activities
Working with/creating assessment reports
Developing a structured revision program
Past exams and assessor reports
VCAA website: year 12 examiner reports

-General overview of the exam
-Breakdown of questions
-Sample responses (low, medium, high)

How can these be used in class? (MJON)

How can these be useful at years 10 and 11? (TSLO)

How can these improve our teaching practices? (CDEN)
Student feedback
Reminder: practice exam timetable (year 12)

Last Friday this term: no year 12 classes (Eng exam)
First week back: Monday will be normal classes, practice exam timetable will run Tues/Wed/Thurs (no classes), Friday no year 12 classes
What types of revision work best for you?

• Doing practice questions/tasks under timed conditions
• Vocabulary lists
• Brainstorming ideas with a group then writing responses individually for feedback
• Self and peer assessment of practice questions/tasks
• Identifying questions/tasks I am struggling with and getting help with these
• Teaching other people about the key knowledge
• Checking ideas with the teacher, especially when I want to try original responses
• Using mindmaps to brainstorm vocab and ideas – and putting these around the house
• Planning responses using dot points (not always writing the whole answer in full – enables me to cover more topics/questions)
• Extension/after school/holiday classes

What did your teachers do that you felt was good revision?

• Forcing us to complete summaries and notes throughout the year
• Breaking down exam tasks and forcing us to complete sections under specific time constraints
• Always providing written feedback (with explanations about what I did and didn’t do well) on practice essays and exam papers that I completed
• Grouping exam questions under ‘Areas of Study’
• Having a choice/flexibility on what I wanted to focus on in order to address my areas of concern
• One-to-one discussion with teacher (to clarify understanding and receive feedback)
• I loved when teachers approached a task or topic with enthusiasm – sometimes something that they did or said stuck in my mind and helped recall that info

What did your teachers do during the revision programs that you felt wasn’t very effective?

• Attempting to summarise a whole year of knowledge in a short period (stressful!)
• Forcing me to work on an area of the exam which I already felt confident in
• Not supplying enough resources such as practice exams – resulted in time wasted searching for these on my own
• Giving out practice exams with answers is ok every now and again, but getting personalised feedback was much better for my improvement
• When teachers didn’t vary the activities we did in the revision period or just let us do our own thing I felt like I would have been better off studying at home
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