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Shelby Brunner

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Buddha..nslgnwpngrmklhnjkl.

Buddha/ Siddartha Buddha's real name was Saddartha. But His full name was; Siddartha Gautama Buddha. By: Shelby Brunner Why did people follow buddha? Helpful buddha quotes What we think we become. He is able, who thinks he is able. How did Buddha receive enlightenment? Holding in anger is like grasping hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone; You are the one who gets burned. What are some Fun facts...<: Buddha died from food poisining in 483 BCE, in India. Buddha gave up royalty to become religious. Buddha fasted so intensively, people said you could count every bone in his body. Once he found that he wasnt gaining any answers, he turned to a ''space-like concentration on the Dharamkaya'' in which he focused single pointedly on the ultimate nature or all pointedly. The Indian Flag The Indian flag has the buddhist wheel on in to show that Buddha was born there. Why is Buddha fat, And Skinny? The Buddha is not fat, the statues of the ''fat buddha'' are actually statues of a Chinese monk named Hotei. He was famous for his genorosity and kindness to children. Confusing the Buddha and Hotei, is like confusing Santa Clause, And Jesus.
Buddha made a middle way in your approach to life, part of this is to eat until you are no longer hungry - not until you are full. Combining this with a vegetarian diet and a lifestyle which involved walking about giving his discussions or sermons, it is likely that he was fit and slender not fat.
As far as the non-Buddhist view that Buddha was fat, this is probably due to the fact that most people's only contact with Buddha images is Hotei, the fat laughing oriental figure often seen in restaurants, or the fat Buddha seen in Hollywood movies.
Most Buddhists don't believe in Buddha in the same way that Christians believe in Jesus. Gautama Siddharta, the historical Buddha, was merely the person who delivered the teachings of enlightenment to the world. Unlike Christianity, the veneration of the Buddha is not central to the religion. He taught that he was simply a man, not to be worshiped.
Buddhists believe in the teachings of Buddha, that through the elimination of desires an individual can stop all suffering and ultimately reach enlightenment. Those that follow the Dharma (the teachings of Buddha) do so because it offers peace and understanding without the judgments and restrictions that many other religions place on their followers. Also unlike most world religions, Buddhism does not teach that one must be a Buddhist or suffer the consequences. In fact many Buddhists also engage in Confucianism, Taoism, and Shinto. However, like any religion, the reasons people follow it are as various as the followers themselves.
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