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Hindu Creation Myth

No description

Teja Vempati

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Hindu Creation Myth

Indian Creation Myth
Creation Myth/Golden Age
God Teacher/Mentor
The Fall/ Loss of innocence
The Flood/Destuction
Works Cited
In Hind philosophy, The existance of the universe is governed by Bramha(the creator), Vishnu(the sustainor), and Shiva( the destroyer ). At first their was emptiness and their was nothing. Lord Vishnu slept in the coils of a snake. The snake kept him safe and he slept peacefully. Slowly a sound came OM and it filled the emptiness and Lord Vishnu woke up. A magnificent lotus grew from his naval. In that lotus sat Lord Bramha. Bramha split the lotus nto three different parts; the heavens, the earths,and the skys.He also created animals and plants. Hindus believe that the universe was created by one god in three forms. When god creates he is Bramha, when god looks after his creation he is called Vishnu, and when god destroys for a proper balance he is called Shiva

Natural Phenomena
Creation of :

Their is a village near Himalayan mountain range called Katharnad and Shiva empowered a goddess to take care of the villagers. In this village there as a temple that had an idol of this goddess. Some people from other towns wanted to move this idol to a different place,but the people of the village disagreed because they believed that if they moved the idol then a destruction would occur. But the people of the other towns did not care and they moved the idol. Just as thee people of the village believed a huge destruction occurred causing the deaths of thousand of villagers and the destruction of neighboring towns. But to the surprise of the people the gods temple was untouched no damage was caused to it.The people believed that Lord Shiva caused this.
- balance
-destruction and creation of Gods

By: Teja Vempati, Shauna Ozana, and Rachel Landress
Natural Phenomena
Be respectful to the gods and keep your faith in them strong. Do not be disobedient or there will be consequences.
The all knowing power OM gave knowledge to Vishnu. Lord Vishnu gave that knowledge to Brahma who then used ths knowledge to give more knowledge to saints. These saints then used this knowledge to teach the people how to do things and these saints passed that knowledge to the people. People learned how to do everything from
cooking to making arrows. These elements of knowledge are called vedhas. Vedhas contain both material and spirtitual aspects of life.
Lord Bramha created everyone the same. He passed knowledge on to the saints. Some of these saints thought that since they have the same knowledge as god they can over come god. They started to trouble his creation and because of this wars happened between people, saints,and god. Through these wars bad was entered into the world.
- peace
natural phenomenon
Don't be greedy or there will be consequences for your actions.
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