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Introduction to Kanban & Quality Assurance

This presentation contains basic information for the workshop held at the VDASys in Berlin 2013. Introduction to Kanban and figures out (some) Quality Concept of Kanban.

Sebastian Schneider

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Kanban & Quality Assurance

(Short!) Introduction to Kanban
Kanban Elements for Quality
you'll need
for the
There are rumors
3M had invented kanban...
foundational principles of kanban
Initially, respect
current roles, responsibilities
& job titles
Start with
what you
do now
Agree to
Encourage acts of
leadership at all levels
How does a
board look like?
level of kanban implementation
Cards are the tasks through
your process (columns)
Columns are your
process steps!
(flow from left to right)
"Product Owner" says "ok"
Acceptance Criteria are the requirements that have to be met for the requirements to be assessed as complete
Kanban & Quality?
Quality through Visibility!
How to start with Kanban?
... visible to all participants
on the Kanban-Board
... binary - it can be reached
or not (no 99%!)
Every Acceptance Criteria is...
... the requirement again which
the Product Owner does an
... is specific to a special
Kanban-Card on the Board
Every Process Policy is...
... visible to all participants
on the Kanban-Board
... is general valid for all
Kanban-Cards in corresponding step
... the requirement that the process
(step) has to fulfil
... binary - It has to be reached for entering the next process step (column)
Passed unit tests
I can press the button
and the light goes on

Pull the work when you are able to
Explicit Process Policies
Limit Work in Progress
Sebastian Schneider
Consultant (Agile & Process Improvement)
Kugler Maag Cie GmbH
Scrum? When the hell should I take Scrum?
Introduction to Kanban & Quality Assurance
Description of
the work
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