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By hurting ocean life, humans are hurting themselves

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Clayton McCune

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of By hurting ocean life, humans are hurting themselves

Our Main Focus
Our main focus is on plastic pollution and plastic waste products and the devastating effects it has on ocean life and ocean enviroments.
By hurting ocean life, humans are hurting themselves
Created by Chyson and Clayton
Humans are using unnecessary plastic products such as...
Fish are eating the plastic that we dump
Environmental impacts
What impact do plastic bags have on the enviroment?
What is happening to the fish?
Plastic bottle caps
Plastic cups
Plastic straws
Miscellaneous platics
Microfibers of plastic found in clothing
PCBs and other harmful chemicals
Plastic bags
Where is all this plastic debris ending up?
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
80% of the debris in the GPGP comes from land based activities

20% of the debris comes from....
Eliminate fish from your diet
Use biodegradable bags
Big litter clean-ups
Spread awareness of the pollution problem
Contribute to International Organizations that are helping solve the problems such as the EPA, the Plactic Pollution Coalition and the Plastic Oceans Foundation
Limit our use of unnecessary plastics
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