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Unit 2 Lesson 5

No description

erika steinger

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Unit 2 Lesson 5

Unit 2 Lesson 5
Killer Sentences
8 actors
1 director
Pimp This Car
Pimp That Sentence
Do Now
You do NOT need your Springboard book today.

Copy the EQs

*Phrase that further describes the noun*
I am going to exit the room. When I re-enter, I will perform an action. Carefully observe what I do and then write a single sentence describing what you have witnessed.
In two sentences, summarize your favorite movie.
The determined detective skillfully analyzed the crime scene.
Bare minimum:
subject, verb, object
aka Nounnatives
1. My father, an original gangster, let me go to the party with my friends.

2. Bedbugs, tiny reddish-brown insects that burrow into the cracks of furniture, are disgusting and unsanitary.

3. Ariana Grande, an adorable former child actor, is notorious for hating on her fans.

4. Justin Bieber, a brolick mega-star, had a swag coach to teach him to be cool.
Fill in the blank with an appositive.
The determined detective,
skillfully analyzed the crime scene.
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