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Outstanding PRIDE Students:

No description


on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Outstanding PRIDE Students:

PBS Field Day

Tre'Vioun Frazier- Always prepared, works well with classmates, always on task, a leader and "star" student!
--nominated by Mrs. Neal

Justin Fabela- Works well with others and always puts a smile on someone's face
--nominated by Mrs. Neal

Maricela Rojero- Very sweet girl who always tries her hardest on all assignments.
--nominated by Mrs. Neal

Hunter Belcher
Alaunah Boudreau
Brandee Bozeman
Aishah Burgess
William Coffman
Sebastian Conley
Justin Fellner
Starla Genberg
Maurice Holland

No backpacks on the last 3 days
We would like to recognize the outstanding students of Bus Route 110 for having ZERO bus disciplines for the entire schoolyear!!!
Samantha Howard
Kale Knott
Trayvon Mathis
Kolby Morris
Brooke Pantley
Jonathon Smith
Hailiie Tillery
Abigail Zorn
Dominic Zorn

These students will receive a FREE wristband for the Dress Down Day on May 27th!!!
Outstanding PRIDE Students:
Monday- 2nd and 5th period

Tuesday- 3rd and 6th period

Wednesday- 4th and 7th

Attn: 8th graders!!!

If you did not pick up your photos from the dance, see Mrs. Mohre-Cassidy this week during 8th grade lunch.
PBS Model School
Last year, we became a PBS Silver Level Model School. This year we're going for the gold!
What does PRIDE stand for?
What are the only 2 acceptable responses when talking to a teacher?
What is the response when a teacher says, "Leopard!"
How can you earn and use PawBucks?
Some people will be taking a tour around campus next week to see if we should be a Model School again. Be familiar with our PRIDE expectations in case they ask you a question:
May 27-
8th grade Field Trip to Weeki Wachee!
You may NOT wear:
any white clothing
Gym uniforms are strongly suggested.
Exam Schedule:
May 29th is the Field Day

If you are going to field day, you may dress down that day for free and you may wear ONLY the following:

basketball shorts, t-shirts with appropriate logos, sneakers
You may NOT wear skinny pants, sweats/P.J.'s, gym shorts, see-through tops, sleeveless tops, low-cut tops, short shorts, ripped jeans
May 27th is a
$2.00 Dress Down Day

You can wear blue jeans
(no holes), appropriate t-shirts, hoodies, club shirts, and non-collared shirts.
May 29- PBS No Discipline Field Day
Students with fewer than 2 disciplines for the 2nd semester and who are passing all their classes will be invited to attend the Field Day!!!
Fun outdoor team games + snacks after in the quad!
Students with 2 or more disciplines or who are failing a class will be placed in a holding room during the field day activities.
May 26-
Skate Night

May 27-
Transition to Middel School

May 28-
Pawsitive Party in the Quad
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