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My Hobbies

No description

Johanna Lee

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of My Hobbies

My Hobbies
By Johanna Lee
What my presentation is about
Today my aim is to explain my favourite hobbies in detail as briefly as I can. I am going to perform one of my hobbies and my other hobbies will be hobbies that you have learnt to know that I enjoy doing.
Thank you for

My Weekly Timetable
Doing sports
Playing the violin
Singing and playing the clarinet
I have a love for singing but you would find it impossible to get me to sing in public.

I love a selection of songs especially
ones by Ellie Goulding, Demi Lovato,
One Direction and many more
songs by artists.

I don't do any clubs in school.
If you haven't noticed, reading is one of my favourite hobbies. If you were to give me 2 books to read in a week I would do it.

I am currently reading 2 books, The Fault In Our stars by John Green and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Colin. I am also aiming to read Looking for Alaska by John Green.
Doing sports
Another one of my hobbies is to do lots of sports, I used to attend lots of sports clubs in school but then had to leave because of all my music preparations and homework. I still attend fun sports club but am aiming to join many more fun sports as I am more free at lunchtime now.

I like sports because it keeps you healthy and I enjoy doing lots of sports such as cycling, netball and many more.

I advise you to be as physical as you can as it will help you with keeping shape.
Playing the violin
A little bit about me and my violin:
I have been playing the violin for just over a year and have achieved my grade 4 violin with distinction with a mark of 130 marks out of 150.

I attend 3 orchestras, one of which I only attend occasionally whereas the other orchestras I attend, I attend them regularly.

I enjoy music and love singing, performing on the violin and learning different instruments as I grow up.

Now I am going to perform
Vivaldi Concerto in G Minor
3rd Movement Adagio.
My Timetable
Monday: School intermediate orchestra after school and my violin lesson after school at 6:45pm- 7:20pm. and fun sports club at lunch time.

Tuesday: Violin lesson at school (no set time) and cross country at lunch time.

Wednesday: My free day, no clubs at all!

Thursday: Theory after school from 4:15pm-4:45pm in Moseley/ Kings Heath area.

Friday: Cello lessons after school at home taught by my younger sister who started cello last year.

Saturday: BSJSO Orchestra from 9:15am-11:45am.

Sunday: Occasionally I attend rehearsals for another orchestra I am in that I perform with in concerts I attend.
I hope I have explained my hobbies in detail
in a small amount of time!
I have recently taken up playing the clarinet.

In my short experience I found out how hard it was to blow and put it together but I am progressing and will soon try and play a couple of songs. I started playing the clarinet on the 16/ 3/ 2014 and am going to have a clarinet teacher after I do my theory exam.
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