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Da Folk-Nation

No description

Paul Snyder

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Da Folk-Nation

Da Folk Nation There once were three men,
strong as steel. They fought
through the hardest....
ZOMBIE ACOPALYPSE Anthony "Commando Joe" Allen, Paul "Polar Bear Master X" Snyder, and Prescott "The Boss" Remington went out to destroy the zombies of the Great Zombie Apocalypse. The last humans, trying save the human race.... The men fought hard and powerful,
but some did not survive. But they
died a hero.
In this time, zombies ruled the lands except for the three humans. That all changed when these legends fought back. Then, one day, these three men decided they've had enough. They decided, to find a cure and fight and cure the zombies. The zombies were not the living dead, they soon found out, but they had a disease that morfes you into a monster. Once these men found a cure, Commando Joe decided that he was going to sacrifice himself for the existance of mankind. Since they were born the only world they new was a zombie infected one. They thought they were the only humans left on earth. They were wrong. Their weapons were very
unique. They were like a laser shooting glove. The men came upon a scientist who had created the cure. He died shortly there after . Also, after Commando Joe died, Polar Bear Master X also died heroically. The Boss was the only human left in the world.
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