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Learning Moments Presentation

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Chris Ng

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Learning Moments Presentation

Company and Position
Learning Moments
Mr Rajesh Hathiramani
UBS Wealth Management
Head, Active Portfolio Advisory, APAC

Coaching Tips
Blake, Mouton and McCanse
Big 5
“I got an offer to join the investment bank as a graduate trainee back in 1995. I thought it was an excellent offer so I took it up. I worked in Hong Kong for a year, then they told me ‘There’s a similar position back in Singapore, do you want to try it?’ I said ‘Why not?’”

Openness to New Experience
“In my 18 years, I have worked in 5 different banks and in 2 different locations.”

“We agree to disagree.”

“If you don’t have the self-belief and the self-confidence that you can make a difference and you can achieve, you’re not going to get very far.”

“Give your best in whatever you do. If you give it your best, you have already achieved what you want to. When you get your results, you can leave. But work hard, and play hard. Do your best in any situation. If you’re asked to help, give it your best.”

“Making the change when it’s not expected or not conducive and when you don’t have the power, authority, resources, and funds… That to me is an achievement.”

-Mr Rajesh Hathiramani

1) Employees feel uncomfortable

2) Substantial and frequent feedback
Proactive Micromanaging
Having a Vision
To be a premier university, internationally recognized for its world class research and distinguished teaching.
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