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"Places and Perspectives"

No description

Elena Bogoeva

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of "Places and Perspectives"

September, 2015 - January, 2016
"Places and Perspectives"
Learning Circle

September, 2015-January, 2016
Contributions from
Chelybinsk (Russia), Kumertau (Russia), Tehran (Iran), Korolyov (Russia), Starye Dorogy (Belarus), Tambov (Russia), Lahore (Pakistan), Truseni (Moldova)

Works of architecture are real treasures.
Memorial complexes preserve the memory of great ideas for which millions of lives have been given.
These fighters
have become integral parts of History.
The Monument of Military
Glory in Starye Dorogy, Belarus
KA-26 helicopter, Kumertau, Russia
"To the Builders of Wingled
Machines", Kumertau, Russia
"The Bab-e Pakistan Monument",
Lahore, Pakistan
The Memorial Complex
"Eternitate", Chisinau, Moldova
"To the Soldiers Who Died in the
Great Patriotic War", Korolyov, Russia
Mazarachi Church (1752), the oldest
church in Chisinau, Moldova
This church has resisted a lot of
attempts over the time.
Truseni, Moldova
The Church of Assumption (1642), the oldest wooden church. Chisinau, Moldova
Four round hybrid launcher module.
Lahore, Pakistan
Monuments reflect the real progress of the
The Memorial Locomotive(2004).
Chisinau, Moldova
The monument to the first tractor
produced in Moldova (1962).
Chisinau, Moldova
The pebbled tools of the Soanian Culture.
Lahore, Pakistan
Monuments are wonderful landmarks
The "Woman With Bread".
Starye Dorogy, Belarus
The Monument to Tambov
Wolf. Tambov, Russia
"To Coal Miners and Builders", the first
citizens of Kumertau, Russia.
Monuments reflect
historical processes.
"The Train of Sorrow" built in memory of the victims of Stalinist mass deportations. Chisinau, Moldova
The monument to Stephan the Great, the
founder of Moldova.

The Triumphal Arch (1848) commemorates
the victory of the Russian Empire over the
Ottoman Empire. Chisinau, Moldova
Monuments to famous

The Memorial complex dedicated
to M. Tsvetaeva, the great Russian poetess.
Korolyov, Russia
The Monument to Great Moldovan Poets.
Truseni, Moldova
The Monument to S. Korolyov, the leading Soviet rocket engineer. Korolyov, Russia
The Monument to A. Puskin (1885),
the greatest Russian poet.
Chisinau, Moldova

The Monument to G. Derzhavin,
the great Russian poet and
statesman. Tambov, Russia

The monument to S.
Rachmaninov, the great
Russian pianist.
Tambov, Russia

The Monument to V. Lenin.
Tambov, Russia
The monument to Shagit Khudaiberdiev,
an outstanding statesman.
Kumertau, Russia
The Monument to G. Kotovsky, the Communist
hero of the Civil War in Russia. Chsinau, Moldova
Monuments as response to
the worries and questions of ongoing processes

The Memorial to the Victims of AIDC. Chisinau, Moldova
The Monument to "1 Ban", a money mascot
of the city. Chisinau, Moldova
The Monument to the first car used by the
police in Russia. Kumertau, Russia
The Monument to the "Eternal
Student". Tambov, Russia
8B Form
"Petru Movila" Lyceum
Chisinau, Moldova

The Babshahi Mosque is the fifth largest mosque
in the world. Lahore, Pakistan
The Water Tower (1892).
Chisinau, Moldova
Ledovnya (2nd half of XX century).
Starye Dorogy, Belarus
Good Luck!
Azadi Tower (the "Monument of Freedom")
is the longstanding symbol of Tehtran, Iran
Chehel Sotoun Palace ("Forty Columns")
reveals one of the key insights of islamic architecture.
Tehran, Iran
A beautiful sculpture at
the crossroads. Tehran, Iran
"Running Horses". Tehran, Iran
"To Extend Our Memories
By Monuments"
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