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Services Marketing Final Project ppt

Analysis of 7 P's of Service Marketing

Aqifa Waris

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Services Marketing Final Project ppt

"Gloria Jean’s Coffees is committed to building a unified family who consistently serve the highest quality coffee and provide outstanding and personalized service in a vibrant store atmosphere."

Presented to:
Umar Ramzan


Product Offering
"To be the most loved & respected coffee company worldwide."

Analysis of vision statement:
They want to be the most loved and respected coffee company in the world,
To serve the highest quality coffee,
While making each and every one of their guests feel like they are returning home when they step into one of their coffee houses.
Gloria Jean’s Cafe was founded by Gloria jean Kevetko
with the ambition to serve the best coffee in the
Gloria Jean's Coffees is a specialty coffee company
First cafe launched in Melbourne, Australia in 1993.
1000 stores located in

39 countries around the world,

400 coffee houses, presence in every Australian state and
Gloria Jean’s Coffees is 100% Australian owned

Gloria Jeans Cafe Positioning
Gloria Jean’s Coffee Cafe Target market:

Young people 18-25
Who are students, office workers
Who want a quiet and relaxing place
People who want donation
People who enjoy wonderful taste of coffee
Conscientious people and someone interested in charity
Internet users
What elements of GJC services marketing / strategy (7Ps) led to their success ! HOW ?
7 P'S OF Gloria Jeans Coffee Cafe
Gloria Jean’s can expand their services by offering variety of products
Focus on dine-in customers
Enrich menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-tea
Use low fat ingredients

Treat all markets equally

Raising standards, and increase Customer Awareness

Open bigger stores in busy areas like shopping malls

Expand the target segment:
(Gloria Jean’s Coffee is currently targeting small
market segment, young adults segment, which
comprises people age 18 to 25 years old, compared
to Starbucks, 15 to 64 years old. Besides that, Gloria
jean’s mainly focuses on female customers, they
should focus on males too )
Offer online order taking and reservation of seats

• Gloria Jean’s should also introduce drive
through store service to cater for working

collect points on each purchase

Presented by:
Aqifa Waris
Sana Rehmat Ali
Saba Shoukat
Hareema Afzal

What does a cup of Coffee mean to you -



Coffee that embodies great aroma, body and taste

Brand Spectrum
Branded house
House of Brands

Gloria Jeans Core-Product
Positioning :

Coffee brand
Specialty ( aroma to service)
Warm ambiance
Female (18-25)
White collar working class (25-45)
Ultimate coffee experience
Coffee,coffee capsules

Gloria Jeans Cafe Core Product:
Gloria Jeans Cafe Supplementary services:

Supplementary sevices
• Hot drinks
• Cold drinks
• Merchandise
• Beans and

1st P: Product
Gloria offers “Vale based prices “

Pricing Objective: Demand- Driven Approach

They are charging differently in different nations according to customer tastes and values

Their brand positioning leads Medium-Higher prices and high quality products.

Offer Quantity discounts on loyalty cards

Seasonal Discounts on different events or occasions as well as weekday discounts.
Advertisement ( TV, magazines, newspapers) specific to Australia.
Public Relations ( Facebook, twitter, linkedin)
Sales Promotions
Customer Service Channels

Digital Channels ( their employees respond efficiently through e-mail and social media)


Personal sales: friendly staff with sweet smile
People don’t only come for the coffee; they come for the atmosphere.
People socialize, read, study, dine, or just enjoy the music while drinking their coffee.
Thoughtful & Elegant

Positioning Statement:
"Gloria Jean’s wants to be the most loved
and respected coffee cafe in the world"
Gloria Jean’s operates in a franchise industry.

Distribution strategy:
Effective Franchising strategy plays an important role in
their International expansion or success
Business model
Brand Image
Brand Awareness
Goods and services

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is known for its
signature range of hospitality service:

Hot and cold coffee
Signature ice-creams
Chocolate shakes &

offer more than 60 different varieties
of single origin, blends, flavored
whole bean coffees.

Perceptual Mapping
Promotion strategy: Insufficient advertisement & promotion in Pakistan
Narrow Target segment
Product Strategy: less service variety than competitors (excluding coffee)
Price Strategy: price differences among NATIONS
Place Strategy: Huge logistic cost & strict standard for franchisees
Strengths of GJC which leads to success
Strong brand recognition & positioning
Specialize coffee retailer
Coffee brand with excellent taste & consumer service
Comparatively low prices with high quality as compare to
star bucks.
Staff training
Standardized production
Solid & well-proven systems and
Strong management expertise, which will support Franchisee throughout their venture and give them an opportunity to flourish in the local food and beverage industry.
Target Customers
Communication Message
Live life one sip at a time

Drinks in High Quality

Enjoy the life in an elegant way
Gloria Jean’s Coffees outlets in Pakistan are the only coffee houses, where their guests can actually place an order and follow the journey of a coffee bean to the cup.

The entire process from the grinding of the bean to the finishing off the drink with latte art is carried out in front of their guests to enjoy utmost freshness and quality.

Strict standards of quality are maintained from exact timing of the espresso shots to the weighing of each cup before hand off to the guests.

with Heart ( Gloria jeans international foundation)
GJC Pakistan takes great pride in the internationally trained and highly professional baristas working at all outlets.

The baristas have been instrumental in creating a trademark in-house culture reflecting friendliness, cleanliness and utmost customer satisfaction.

GJC baristas go beyond handing over just a cup of coffee. They will ensure that entire stay of customers at Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a memorable experience
Gloria Jean’s Coffees promises 110% confidence in its products and service to its guests.
Gloria Jean’s Coffees positions their products on quality and experience, rather than just offering coffees.
So, bring a mate, sit down, relax, unwind and remember that friendship is one mind and two cups of coffee!
Grind & Weight
the coffee
enjoy/ drink
check out
For the management of GJC Pakistan, the journey does not stop at creating the ultimate coffee experience for their guests.

GJC Pakistan understands it will need to penetrate deeper to tap in to the traditionally tea drinking nation.

For this purpose, GJC Pakistan has taken on its self to educate the market about the benefits and nutritional value of coffee and its products.

The management regularly attends international workshops to equip themselves with knowledge of Gloria Jean’s Coffees core products.

This information is then passed on to their guests though various coffee presentations and cupping sessions.
Role of Franchising in Gloria jeans coffees success ! HOW?
Franchising plays an important role in GJC success and expansion in worldwide.
GJC offers a A complete list of benefits to their franchise partners which includes:

Fully extended support–
The support office team is always available to provide
help and guidance in all disciplines pertaining to franchising.

Coffee university–
They have a fully equipped training department which provides
class room as well as hands on training in coffee and small business management
and retail skills.

Supply Chain-
Their supply chain management department works in close
co-ordination with their franchise partners to ensure timely delivery and
deployment of Gloria Jean’s coffees stock.

Strong Communication-
The support office ensures that their franchise partners are equipped with all relevant information and sources to successfully run their business.

World Class Marketing–

Working under the global marketing umbrella, they provide
continuous support with the development of all marketing material, marketing plans, local store marketing kits, advertising and products promotions.

Operational Support-
They will also extend technical support to their franchise partners
and help them in running their operations as smoothly as possible.

Branded Proprietary Products –
All drink ingredients, condiments and branded
merchandise are provided through their warehouse and distribution network.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees special blend rated one of the top four coffees in USA by “Food and wine“ magazine in the September 2002 issue.
Gloria Jean’s coffees uses the world’s highest quality, handpicked Arabica beans.
single origin beans and specialty flavored coffees, which are packed within an hour of roasting to ensure freshness

Gloria Jean’s Coffees has experienced-staff committed solely to operations support and
the development and growth of the Gloria Jean’s coffees brand internationally.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee is committed to making a difference, building and changing lives.
We cherish the bond , we share with our guests and franchise partners and
Continue to serve every cup of coffee with love.


Menu Broushers
Reminder notifications

Order taking

Subscription cards
On site order


Invoices for individual transactions


Cash paid direct
Visa/master card/credit card


A man welcome to entries

Safe keeping

Offer small chair for a Child
Play area for Children
Exchange coffee product if it get cold

Take customer feedback and ask for suggestions
Mobile app
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