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A Secret For Two

No description

Shayna Smith

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of A Secret For Two

Exposition: Setting
Rising Action
Falling action
A Secret For Two
By: Quentin Reynolds
Presented by: Jordan, Esha, and Shayna

Exposition: Characters
The main characters are Pierre who has been working in the Provincial milk Company for 30 years, Joseph (Pierre's horse) who has been working with Pierre for the last 15 years, and Jacques who is the owner of the Provincial milk Company .
The story takes place in the olden times because they use horses as transportation. It also takes place at the Provincial milk company in Montreal, Quebec on Prince Edward Street. At the beginning of the story, the characters are happy because Pierre got a horse that is very gentile, faithful, and trustworthy. By the end of the story, everyone becomes upset because...
1. Pierre is a milk delivery man who has been delivering milk for the past 30 years.
2. One day Pierre gets a new horse named Joseph who helps him with delivering the milk.
3. After a couple of months, Pierre teaches Joseph the milk route.
4. They've spent a lot of time together while they were delivering the milk.
5. Together they kept on delivering milk and became closer and closer.
6. Slowly in the time being, they started to grow old together.
7. Pierre started to get very tired a lot easier so, Jacques suggested that Pierre should retire.
8. But, Pierre said "When Joseph is ready to retire; then I too, will quit." (implying when he dies).
9. Pierre and Joesph had also loved to share secrets.
One day, Pierre and Jacques went to Joseph's stable and noticed that he couldn't wake up then, they had found out he was dead.
10. Pierre was so shocked and slowly started to cry and walk down to the curb.
11. Suddenly, a truck comes from behind and hits him!!
12. The truck driver comes and says that Pierre was walking as if he was blind.
13. The doctor came out and confirmed that Pierre had passed away.
The resolution is that the doctors said that Pierre had been blind for the past 5 years and that was the secret between Pierre and Joseph.
Point Of View
The story is told from the narrator's point of view because the story is told in 3rd person's perspective. We know this because instead of using "I" and "You", the author uses the names of the character which means that the story is told in 3rd person's point of view.
The Irony of the story is when Joesph dies and then Pierre dies a few moments later. This is the Irony because it was never expected to happen and it was the opposite of what we thought what was going to happen in the story.
The ending of the story is when Pierre passes away and the doctors come out to tell Jacques that Pierre had been blind for the past 5 years and surprisingly, no one had noticed.
We hope you enjoyed our presentation, thanks for listening!
The End
The theme of the story is the circle of life because at first, Pierre is young then during the story Pierre grows old and gets hit by a truck and dies.
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