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lunar base project answers

for lunar base project. by valeria, briana, and thalia,sammanta g.(lunar survivers)

valeria de la torre

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of lunar base project answers

THE MOON BASE LUNAR BASE QUESTIONS A rocket we shall need to go to the moon. That is a "Cosmo". Only 4 people can fit in. It holds enough supplies to go to the moon as our adventure. A cosmo is a comfortable rocket in witch we can go to the moon safe and we can go back to earth safety. 1. WHAT KIND OF ROCKET DO WE NEED? 2. were are we landing? 3. were would we get fresh air? 4. how would we get enough to eat? Since the water is frozen we will get it frozen but in one special way. We will at first take some water bottles from earth and then when its day time since it will be hot the water will infroze and thats were we will get it from. When it's night time we will have enough water from when it was day time. 3. were would we get water? The trash could be put into special machines called bio-reactors. Thoose machines take of germs, bacteria, and more. What ever is left would be given to the plant in our moon garden for plants to grow. This is because now all trash wouldn't have bacteria and germs. 6.what about trash(were would it go)? The house we wiil stay in would be like any other house but it will have enough rooms and each one of the rooms will have enough stuff to survive. wellit will also have special protection to us to be protect by sun rays. 7. what kind of house do we need to stay in? For power we will have solar panels and electrical fan generators. Why will we need both? We will need both because when we go to the moon it will be 2 weeks day and really sunny and hot and 2 weeks night and very windy and cold. When its day time for 2 weeks they will be alot of sun hitting the solar panels and they will work and give us electricity. When its night time in the moon the solar panels wont work so we will use fan generators to us to have electricity by wind on night weeks. 8. what do we do for power? Since we can't put wires from moon to space we could communicate radio waves. We will also put somr satillites around the moon for communication.
9. what about communication? To get around we will not need cars or stuff like that because everything is connected and there is no need to get out. We have connected all the buildings for we dont actually need to go out. 10. how will we get around? We will get enough to eat because we will take astounut food and real food from earth. We will eat half year the food we take from earth. The other half of the year we will eat astrounut food for we could eat both types of food and have enough food for the year. We aren't landing too close to the base because if our spaceship lands to close to the base it will lift up alot of dust and our base and stuff will get dirt and dust all over it. We get fresh air from our suits. Also where we are going to stay in our house is another way to get air because of the power source. In other ways the energy helps have energy so we can breath. thank u for watchin
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