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Criminal Profiling of Serial Killers

No description

Natallia Machecha

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Criminal Profiling of Serial Killers

Criminal Profiling of Serial Killers Natallia Machecha
Forensic Science 2012-2013
Mrs.Williams •Serial Killer- a person who kills 3 or more people

•Mass Murderer- a person who kills 3 or more people together at the same time

•Spree Killer- a person who kills 3 or more people in a short period of time at different locations

•Murder-Unlawful killing of human being by another. Definitions Definitions •Modus Operandi- what a criminal does to complete a crime.

•Victimology- The study of a killers victims to understand the killers selection process.

•Disorganized Offender (killer)- typically has a below average I.Q., commits crime close to where he/she lives and is socially isolated. They do not plan their crime out meticulously.

•Organized Offender (killer)- typically have an above average I.Q., stable employment, and social skills. They commit crimes far away from where they live and typically plan them out well. Definitions •Psychological Profile- a gathering of information about the suspects' psychological state in order to help the investigation

•Geographical Profile- technique used to determine the residence of the suspect based on the location of the crime scene(s).

•Trophy or Souvenir- something the killer keeps of no monetary value to remind themselves of the crime (ie: drivers license, clothing or body parts)

•Psychology- the scientific study of the mind and its functions Definitions •Psychopath- a person who suffers from chronic mental disorder and typically is aggressive and lacks empathy for others

•Empathy- the ability to understand and share feelings with others

•Homicide- unlawful killing of a person by another; murder

•Prolific- A prolific serial killer is a killer who is known to have killed a large number of people (ie Pedro Alonzo Lopes killing 200 people) JEFFERY DAHMER Early Life
•Struggled with alcoholism his whole life
•When he was a child, he was known to
behead and dissect animals.
•He underwent a traumatic double hernia
surgery when he was younger.

•He killed his first victim at the age of 18.
•He did not kill again until he was 27.
•He lured his victims in by offering them money to do a photo shoot at which he would drug them, torture them and kill them.
•He would sometimes inject their brains with acid to try and make them into "zombies".
•After clean off the bones of his victims with acid (ie skull), he would keep it to build a shrine in his closet.
•He often ate parts of his victims. •http://www.biography.com/people/jeffrey-dahmer-9264755
•http://abcnews.go.com/Archives/video/feb-17-1992-jeffrey-dahmer-sentenced-12815332 Type of Murderer Serial Killer Number of Possible Victims &Victimology He confessed to killing 16 men, but was convicted for killing 15 out of the 16 he confessed to. He killed mainly young, homosexual guys with a criminal record. The majority of his victims were either black or asian. •Jeffrey Dahmer is considered a disorganized serial killer because he committed most of the murders close to home, was socially isolated, and was never able to have any stable employment due to his drinking problem as well as multiple arrests. Disorganized or Organized? Modus Operandi Dahmer would usually invite his victims over for photo shoots or to spend the weekend with him after meeting them in gay bars. He would drug them, torture them and usually strangle them to death. He killed his victims by strangulation or beating them to death. •Jeffrey Dahmer was labeled psychotic during his trial because of his want to turn some of the bodies into "zombies" via mutilations and acid injections into the brain.

•He was said to have an antisocial disorder because of his inability to have relationships with others Psychological Profile Sentence for Crimes •Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences (adding up to be 936 years total) because Wisconsin does not have the death penalty.

•In 1994, he was beaten to death by an inmate.
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