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Dining & Housing at Tulane

Parent Orientation 2012

Rachel Champagne

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Dining & Housing at Tulane

Our Mission and Vision MISSION | The Department of Housing and Residence Life challenges, supports, and educates residents within our living and learning communities to become responsible, aware, and engaged citizens. Functional Areas:
Housing Services & Assignments
Residential Education & Community Standards
University Conferences & Finance

Facilities Services & UNICCO VISION | A progressive Tulane University resource that cultivates respect, responsibility, and pride within a unique living and learning environment with an emphasis on student development through education and learning, innovation and development, and service and support. How do you contact HRL? (and when?) E-mail: housing@tulane.edu

Web: http://tulane.edu/studentaffairs/housing/

Phone: (504) 865-5724

Toll Free: (877)865-8475 Student Housing Assignments
Student Account Billing
Move-In / Move-Out
Facilities Services Liaison
Communication & Web-Based Information Programming & Community Building
Conflict Resolution/Roommate Relationships
Code of Student Conduct
Community Living Standards
Jobs (Over 200 Student Employees) When do we? Fall 2012 [By July 1st]
Building & Roommate Preferences are due

[After July 25th]
Assignments & Move-In Details (Maps, etc.)
Discuss with roommate who is bringing what
Information at http://tulane.edu/studentaffairs/housing/ Spring 2013 [Sunday, January 12]
Halls Open @ 9 am

Apply to become an RA for 2013-2014

2013-2014 Housing Assignments & Room Selection Information Available Online

[Sunday, May 12]
Halls Close@ 9 am [Saturday, August 25]
Move-in begins @ 9 am

Get Involved & Engaged
Find out about RHA & Community Government
Attend Programs & Events

[December 19]
Halls Close @ 9 am NOW Helpful Hints Housing Services & Assignments Check out the Move-In Details on the HRL website Residential Education & Community Standards Involvement In Floor or Building Community Who we are... Housing Services & Assignments Assignments Coordinator
Student Billing Assistant
Operations & Facilities Coordinator Community Director Master’s level professionals
1 Community Director per community Where do students live? First Year Butler Honors House
Josephine Louise House
Monroe Hall
Paterson Wellness House
Sharp Hall
Warren House
Wall Residential College Second Year ALL sophomores are required to live on campus

Rising Sophomores select their rooms online in March Why are meal plans so important for the first two years? Essential component of the out-of-classroom experience that helps build a sense of community

Emergence of cohort groups, making new friends casually

Socialization around meals Meal Swipes:
Bruff meal plan swipes can be used at other locations than just Bruff Dining Hall!
Bruff To Go
Drawing Board Café (Bruff to Go case)
The Orleans Room on Loyola's Campus Reducing Bruff Fatigue Retail Options:
LBC Food Court
Le Gourmet
Reily Smoothie Bar
Drawing Board Cafe
Der Rathskeller Open 5pm-4am
McAlister Market On-Campus Convenience Store
Loyola University Dining
Off-Campus Venues Wavebuck$:
ON-CAMPUS retail dollars that allow the student to eat outside of the dining room. LBC Food Court
Der Rathskeller
The Drawing Board Café
Le Gourmet
McAlister Market
Reily Smoothie Bar
PJ’s Coffee and Tea
The Orleans Room (L)
Smoothie King (L)
Satchmo’s (L)
La Divina Gelateria (L)
Flambeaux’s (L)
Hillel's Kitchen NOLAbuck$: OFF-CAMPUS retail dollars that allow the student to dine at 21 different merchants around New Orleans. Bruno’s Tavern
Café Freret
Crepes a la Cart
Domino’s Pizza
Five Happiness
Jazmine Café
Juan’s Flying Burrito (2 locations)
La Madeleine
Papa John’s Pizza
Pita Pit
Pure Yogurt
Robert’s Fresh Market
Roly Poly
Slice Pizzeria (2 locations)
Taco Truck
The Dough Bowl
Village Coffee & Tea Bruff Commons Dining Room First Year student MEAL PLAN program Recommendations:
Value= Flex 275 or Flexibility & Convenience= Flex 350 Follow Dining Services! http://www.facebook.cm/wowattherat Parent Orientation 2012 Parent Guide pgs. 42-44 www.diningservices.tulane.edu
504.865.5712 Parent Orientation 2012 Parent Guide pg. 16 Bruff has many options from vegetarian to corn dogs! If your student would like to see more of something, they can simply let us know. Dining staff will work with any student that has special needs. Our goal is to ensure that the 3000+ students who dine with us daily have a great meal and experience. http://www.twitter.com/uptowncamdining http://housing.tulane.edu
504.865.5724 What we do... Housing Services & Assignments Residential Education & Community Standards Application Deadline has already passed Women Only; 1 in 4 will live here Personal Property Insurance Is a MUST! Communication of Issues or Concerns Up Front – (Facilities & Assignments) Communication with
Roommate Community of Care at Tulane (Support) & 24/7 On Call Staff Student Accountability **When using Bruff To-Go, there is a 2 hour wait to re-enter Bruff Dining Hall.
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