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How to Stay Single: Becoming a Programmer

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Tom Almquist

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of How to Stay Single: Becoming a Programmer

How to Stay Single: Becoming a Programmer By: Thomas C. Almquist Common Misconceptions About Programming
Programmer = Math Genius Instead... Programming is an Extremely Hard Study to get Into "In the information age, the barriers [to entry into programming] just aren't there. The barriers are self imposed..."
-John Carmack My idol Imperative Vs. Declarative knowledge This bike is black.
This has two wheels. 1. Get on the bike.
2. Start peddling
3. Balance
Etc... Algorithms Learning to Actually Program Intro to Programming Intro Object Orientation Why do we need to know this for computers? What is object orientation? My Experiences Runtime Error Logical Errors Serenity drinks procrastination. Programmers = Nerd ^ Not me ^ Three Types of Errors
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