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The Starchy Bunny

No description

freeman fulwiley

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of The Starchy Bunny

The Starchy Bunny

The Birth of a Starchy Bunny
This was piece was a tribute to the bunny that I killed
This step in my furthering my unaesthetic style
Unfortunately there was a slight fork in the road...
Ran out of rabbit skin glue
So Paper sizing had to be used
SO I HAD to find out how to make something out of nothing which requires research
Artist Reference

Julian Schnabel

On the Jute Grower
Eva Cavali
Materials used
Freezing Paper
Paper sizing

Differences between Rabbit skin Glue and Paper sizing
Rabbit Skin Glue

Takes a day to dry
Gluing adherent
Paper Sizing
Takes 20 min to dry
Starchy and hardens
Used to make paper
The Process

This project was the No Stretch for you and in this project you had to paint on something other than a canvas and use non paint elements
I would like to make more starchy bunnies or make rabbit skin glue bunnies
So I have two mediums to consider for the next project
I'm considering doing a larger piece that invades the viewers personal space
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