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Data Protection

No description

paul ritchie

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Data Protection

data protection
presentation... Created in 1998 Legal
for data subjects Rules for
to follow The
commissioner enforces the rules Covers information
stored on a computer
or an organised
paper filing system The rules on how data
can be used Information
commissioner data controller data subject
Principles personal information
must be fairly and
legally processed Personal Information
must be processed
for limited
purposes adequate,
not excessive accurate
up to date kept
no longer
necessary Number 6. Personal information must be processed
in line with the data subjects rights Number 7... Personal information
must be secure Final Principle...yay! personal information must not -
be transferred to other countries
without adequate protection. personal
data Medical details
bank details Their
Names Addresses 2 types of personal data is about LIVING people and could be...... Sensitive
Data racial or ethnic origin
political opinions
membership of a TU
sex life
criminal activity data and information stored
on a computer or in files is
personal and needs to be
kept confidential Remember this.... if someone,
who is not entitled to see these details
can obtain access without permission it is... Unauthorised Access The Data Protection Act
sets up rules
to prevent this
happening And now for something completely different... You shouldn't disclose any personal information to someone not entitled to receive it. establish you are
speaking to the correct contact. Follow mandatory
and prompts to
ensure call is
compliant If a customer asks
for information,
must NOT disclose it. you can sell to 3rd parties
providing they have power of
attorney or the named
contact has given authority
for you to speak to them All done, thanks for listening and taking part
you will each receive a copy of the DPA notes
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