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User Research Findings

No description

Jessica Peterson

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of User Research Findings

User Research Findings
Why conduct user research?
Research is a vote against hunch-based reasoning. It prevents the need for endless testing, and provides a basis for
evidence-based decision-making.

—Panthea Lee; Reboot, 2012

Studying users helps us understand
people use technology.
It helps us build
for the people who use the products we build.

It helps us make our products

It helps us learn what we should build
This study was designed to teach us about the
of today's GoHealth Marketplace.

We also aimed to learn a little about insurance shoppers and
what they think of GoHealth.

What did we learn?
Key Themes
Who is GoHealth?
Can I trust these prices and plans?
How do I use this information?
What participants did:

Shared their screen via GoToMeeting
Open exploration of our site
Task-based usability (look for plans, compare plans, look for cost savings)
Limited competitive comparison (GetInsured.com)

This study: methodology
Who participants were:

People with & without insurance, interested in major medical and/or vision & dental
12 60-minute 1-on-1 remote interviews
People shopping for just themselves or families
Across the United States
Mix of age, gender, income
Shopping for insurance within 6 months

This study: methodology
What they did:
Participants scanned the site for company information
Some navigated to /about-us.html and still had questions
Who is GoHealth?
What they said:
Is GoHealth affiliated with anyone?
Are these the same plans I would find on Healthcare.gov?
Are the prices the same as on the insurance company websites?
Who is GoHealth?
Every participant questioned our identity
Can I trust this site?
Behavior and reactions changed AFTER seeing affordable quotes and recognizable brands (media, carriers)
Trust is fluid on first visit, but not easily regained after a bad first impression
Can I trust this site?
How do I use this?
How do I use this?
Ongoing usability testing
Quantitative market research (shopper/insured surveys)
Ethnography: visit consumers in-home
Site-based surveys
Behavioral website studies
Next steps for consumer research
Among other things...
Multi-device behavior tracking
Renewal research
when renewal journey begins
what influences renewal with an agent or with a carrier
The future
Every participant questioned our identity
Position our identity front and center on the home page
Explicitly state that our prices are the same, our plans are the same
Create new content describing our company mission, relationships, values, employees, physical location
Participants were reluctant to engage
Participants said they preferred carrier sites (and sometimes navigated there during session)
Participants hesitated to enter contact info
Some intentionally entered false info
Participants were reluctant to engage
More content on tax credits
(who qualifies, how to use it
Persistent tax credit more prominently on quote results page
Provide content on unfamiliar carriers
Provide contextual help on terms
Make provider directory more prominent (stay on site if possible)
“How knowledgeable are they? Can they put something in writing?  I’ve had insurance agents who gave info that was not accurate.”
 — Scott M, 47, NV
“[The site is] a little too plain.  I’d have to make sure that my Norton (antivirus) approved of it.  I think the header needs a little bit of work, there’s too much white space.”
— Nicole P., 34, GA
“I guess [HC.gov] would be more comprehensive.  It’s not sponsored or paid for by an insurance company.  It would be more neutral.  They have no skin in the game as far as which provider I pick.  I don’t want to be led down a path where I can’t see all my choices.”
—Cheryl B., 54, WI
Little trust in GoHealth
"I’d rather just close this window and go to Empire NY and buy it there. It would be identical."
—David C., 32, NY
"I’d go to BCBS directly, you might get a cheaper rate going directly through them…. I don’t see the point in coming to this site when I could go to the carrier."
— Nicole P., 32, GA

"The Anthem and Aetna sites, we had worked with before, so there was more trust."
— Kami G., 34, VA

More trust in carriers
"This website is designed for people who sell it, not people who use it."
— Scott M, 47, NV

“One thing I’ve learned about insurers, they’re so tricky! I’m still not even sure what co-insurance is. Sometimes they have those little pop-ups.”
— Nicole P., 34, GA
“I noticed eyeglasses for children, but if you’re just getting adult coverage, why are there so many things that don’t apply? Like maternity care, I saw my husband’s plan had maternity. Why would they even offer it if you had a male in there?”
— Rachel O., 31, WA
How do I use this?
What they did:
Scrolled up and down on QR with no sense of purpose
Avoided moving forward
Read exhaustively through plan details
"I would probably tell my family to stay away from this site. It gave me a bad vibe."
-Rachel O, 34, WA
Participants were overwhelmed by quote results
Participants were overwhelmed by quote results
What they said:
"What is an HSA?"
"What is co-insurance?"
"Does this plan work for my doctor/clinic?"
Questions typically answered
What are users' mindsets and motivations?
Are there showstoppers with site usability?

Low cost, fast results, broadly visible findings

Time limitation on sessions, small sample size

Summary data in table format; video clips

Laptop, remote screensharing service, Google Drive
About one-on-one user research
Longer site visits
Increased return visits
Increased likelihood to call
Increased likelihood to enroll
Increased likelihood of enrollment
lifetime value of customer
by enhancing first impression and building brand equity
Improved usability of path from applicant info to quote results to plan details
Improved understanding of APTC and correct application
Improved use of filters and sorting
Key theme 1
Key theme 1
Key theme 1: Who is GoHealth?
Key theme 1: Who is GoHealth?
Key theme 1: Who is GoHealth?
Key theme 1: Who is GoHealth?
Key theme 2
Key theme 2
In their own words...
Thank you!
UX Team:
Jessica Peterson
Brandon Hahn
Gareth Jones

Key theme 2: Can I trust this site?
Key theme 2: Can I trust this site?
Key theme 3
Key theme 3
Key theme 3: How do I use this?
Key theme 3: How do I use this?
Key theme 3
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