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The Glass Menagerie

No description

Emily Laidlaw

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of The Glass Menagerie

By Emily, Cherie, Saywe, Rachel, & Helen The Glass Menagerie Setting Biography Characters Literary Criticism Theme Real World Connections Plot Summary Biography

Name: Tennessee Williams
Real Name: Thomas Lanier Williams III
Birth: March 26 1911 in Columbus, Mississippi, United States
Death: February 25 1983 in New York City, New York, United States
Works: Short stories, novels, poetry, essays, screen plays and volume of memoirs Amanda There are 2 major themes in this play
The hopelessness in finding complete freedom
The difficulty in accepting reality- The struggle of overcoming fears Literary Criticism:
-Female stereotypical roles
-Power struggles within the family
-Experiences affecting behavior, psychoanalytic theory
-Damsel in distress fairy god brother/hero, evil mother, prince charming -parents lack understanding of their children's wants
-parents will always think their child is flawless
-there's very different social expectations for men and women
-romance, love and pursuing the opposite sex -Self-centered
-Does not care about Laura
-Thinks she is perfect
-Guys all over her
-Will not accept her life
-Explains why home is so rough Tom -Confused/conflicted
-Does not like home but stays
-Dreamer but trapped in his life
-Helps the reader to understand who he really is Laura -Selfless
-Does not agree with Amanda but does not say
-Cries about Tom's unhappiness
-Amanda takes advantage Childhood

-Father was abusive
-He was very close with his sister and wrote a lot about her
-The play is based on his family Education

He failed his military training in Junior High which made his dad pull him out of school and work for a Shoe Company with himself which was did not like
Overworked, he was never satisfied with his own work that he had a nervous breakdown and left his job The Hopelessness In Finding Complete Freedom
- The complications that go on at home leads Tom to desire an "escape" from life - temporary satisfactions
- Tom is constantly trapped by guilt
-Laura by her insecurities The Difficulty In Accepting Reality
- Laura lives in her own little world
- She is afraid of living in the real world
- Amanda often complains about not marrying the rich men she could have married Connections with the world
- In the real world, people often look to things that only temporarily satisfy their depression
- At one point or another, people need to learn to accept reality Play Recommendation Significance of Setting

-St Louis, 1937, period of depression – many struggled to find jobs and support their families-Bleak, unhappy, dark set communicates a depressing mood/tone
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