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John Wemmick- Great Expectations

No description

Lula Marsh

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of John Wemmick- Great Expectations

Wemmick trusts Pip and Pip Wemmick. Wemmick even goes as far to say Pip is the only one who he trusts with some things saying 'wouldn't say it to anyone but yourself.'
We are only shown who Wemmicks real personality in chapters 48-47. These chapters really show us how good of a relationship Pip and Wemmick really have.
He risks mixing his two worlds in London, something he wouldn't have done before for Pip, but he reaffirms the status quo of separation when he savages the client in the office for crying, and when he tells Pip at his wedding that Jaggers should not know of this.
Pip and Wemmick's Relationship
Fact File
Full Name:
John Wemmick

Dual personality; uncaring at work, funny and friendly (personal life), tough side is left behind at work.

: FOIL for Jaggers, interesting character

: - Bill collector for Mr. Jaggers

Physical Description
: Square wooden face, chiseled out expression, thin lips, small eyes and pock-marked nose. He has lips like a fish, and wears rings and tokens on his hands and fingers.
Lives in Walworth! And visits a prison called Newgate.

John Wemmick is a bill collector for the lawyer Mr Jaggers. The job requires a demanding, uncaring attitude, much like the working Wemmick. He is described as having "the same air of knowing something to everybody else's disadvantage, as his master had."[His professional attitude contrasts with Wemmick's more outwardly pleasant home and personal life.

Wemmick's Contribution to the Novel
By Erin, Diva, Constance, Lula, Ellaha, Izzy and Ana
John Wemmick- Great Expectations
John Wemmicks Professional Life
John Wemmick is a foil for Mr Jaggers, the lawyer that he works for. This means that one of his main purposes as a character is to reveal something about/show contrast against Mr Jaggers. Although Mr Jaggers and Wemmick can sometimes be quite similar in the way that the act in the office (often impatient and and harsh in their approach to clients), Mr Jaggers' personality is consistent throughout the novel, whereas Mr Wemmick's personality and reactions from other characters changes with his environment. This contrasts to Mr Jaggers' constant, unchanging personality and environment. Mr Wemmick's family is also mentioned multiple times in the book, whereas there is no mention of Jaggers' family.
Wemmick is also seen as the most modern man in the book, as well as the strangest due to his aforementioned dual personality, but he is a supporting character that (in true Dickens style) subtely reveals a lot about Mr Jaggers, a more central character.
Wemmick eventually marries Miss Skiffins.
He calls his parent 'The Aged.' And is one of the only characters to get on with their parent..
Fun Fact
: Wemmick is obsessed with Portable Property.
He trusts Pip so much that he was the best man at his small wedding.
Wemmick is middle aged.
Remember that he has a dual personality!
Wemmick is financially low in status, but morally high!
He lives
He warns Pip in a letter on the way home not to go home.
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