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Japan's Technology

No description

Niki Qureshi

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Japan's Technology

Technology By:Niki Qureshi
What are some of Japan's inventions and technology improvements and how do they/will they affect its people? Question: Well, some people believe," Japanese Scientists have led the world in developing precision equipment for many years." Others think that Japan's technology is just plain weird and useless,but in my opinion,it's both! There HAVE been some Japanese inventions just for fun,but there are also many great, inspiring technological equipment that Japan has shared with the world. GO JAPAN!!!! Storage The compact disc. The Compact Disc(CD) was created by both Sony and Philips.It was supposed to replace vinyl records,but it turned out being a lot more useful.It was used as a general data storage medium in the form of CD-Rom and then in the form of CD-R. Some other inventions by Sony and Phillips are... The DVD The Blue Ray Disc And the Floppy Disc Another great storage invention from Japan is the Flash Memory. It was invented by Dr. Fuji Masuoka.He invented both the NOR and NAND types. A very important storage invention by Japan is the Blue laser. In 1992,Shuji Nakamura invented the world's first efficient blue LED,and four years later,the blue laser. This was the first step to inventing Blue-ray technology. Overall,Japan has contributed tremendously when it comes to storage technology of the world. Without their inventions,many of the great electronics we have today wouldn't exist. Audio/Video The first Flat-Panel-Display was invented by Japan.They were the first step to Flat-screen T.V.'s at home we see today.Japanese companies also invented the first LCD and plasma televisions. The first Flat panel display-the Sony Watchman! The video cassette and VCR! The VCR and video cassette effected people greatly when it came to home entertainment.With these two inventions,people could watch movies at their own homes whenever they wanted.It may seem very old and out-dated now,but at that time,it was considered one of the greatest inventions for audio/video/entertainment. The Camcorder The camcorder was an amazing invention for film industries.Before this invention,there used to be a separate video camera and video recorder. You'd have to plug a cable to connect those two,which limited movement.With the invention of the camcorder,it took a lot less time and there was a lot more movement of the camera. Some more Audio/video inventions by Japan are... The first portable CD player The Digital Single-reflex camera The digital audio tape recorder And the 360 degrees camera! ^^ A view of how the camera's pictures look. Overall,there was a lot of inventions from Japan that have made it possible today to watch T.V. with good quality at home,listen to music on the go,and snap beautiful pictures. Without the many inventions that Japan has made,its people and the people of the world wouldn't have many of the newer electronics we have today.Japan has taken the first step towards greater technology. Robotics When it comes to robotics,Japan is number one! A survey showed that in 2006,about 20% of Japan's people were 65 or older.It has been increasing year by year. With so many people retired,there needs to be more people to do the dangerous or unpleasurable jobs.The solution-ROBOTS! Ninja Robot Invented by the famous Shigeo Hirose,this robot was designed to climb buildings,climb mountainous slopes,and install bolts to the ground to prevent landslides. The i-Sobot The i-sobot is an amazing creation from Japan. It is currently the world's smallest robot!!! And the amazing thing is,it's a toy! It's features include dancing,mimicking animals,as well as some special actions such as Hula dancing and air drumming! Not only that,but it's eco-friendly! (It has rechargeable batteries.)
With this invention,nano technology has been improved and kids will hopefully start be a little more "green." Asimo Asimo is a humanoid robot. It can run and walk like a human.It also has high communication skills. It can do many things that humans also can.Asimo can be used in hotels to greet people and lead them to their rooms. Miim Miim is a humainoid robot.She was the world's first robot that is bipedal,which means she can walk on two feet.She is simialr to Asimo except more limited movement since Asimo came out after Miim did.THe unique thing about her is that she can dance and sing! Meet the two most Human looking robots ever!! The can speak like humans and can express various emotions with their face too.Now you may be wondering,what are the uses of these humanoid robots?Well,in simple words,you have to know a lot about humans already to make these robots.And when you're trying to make them so much like humans,you end up realizing and learning stuff about the human body and behavior along the way! Japan has not only created Humanoid robots,but many other very useful robots as well.Similar to that of the Ninja Robot that was first shown. I personally focused on humanoid robots to show that in the near future,robots will probably be a common sight everywhere-in stores,hotels,and even concerts! Speaking of concerts....... The very last Japanese invention introduced to you from this presentation is..... VOCALOID!! Vocaloid uses a voice synthesizer to make a singing voice.It's not auto-tune for a person does not sing a whole song with the right pitches.A person simply makes sounds,such as the sounds of the alphabet,then the synthesizer puts the sounds together to make words, and changes the pitch to make it sound like singing. Vocaloids were created for entertainment. Not only the synthesizer,but vocaloids were turned into holograms!! You can even go to a live vocaloid concert!!! Overall,Japan has created many ground breaking inventions. From taking the first steps to today's technology,to taking the first steps for the future's technology,Japan is leading the world into new possibilities. GO
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