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9/11 attack

No description

natalie crooms

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of 9/11 attack

By: Ryann Crooms
9/11 attack
Andrew card White house cheif told george about the second plane hitting the World Trade Center while bush was holding a reading seminar at the Emma .E. Booker school in sarasota FL.
Andrew said " America is under attack".
Who told GEORGE!
Al Qaeda
The Planes
Flight 11
Flight 77
Flight 175
Flight 93
The Terrorist
Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda is the terriost group from 9/11 that destroyed the twin towers,Pentagon also people lost their life because of someones crazy descion.
This is the symbol
Where did they CRASH
Flight 11 -North twin tower at 8:46
Fligh 175- South twin tower at 9:03
Flight 77- pentagon
Flight 93- feild in pennsylyvania
Osama Bin Laden
Leader of Al Qaeda
Got killd by Robert O'neill
Buried in the ocean
Thanks for watching
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