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Future Technology

No description

Nova Gay Gonzales

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Future Technology

Future Technology By Cameron Butler, G'ven Gonzales, Caitlin Toogood and Jessica Armstrong Future of Transport Engineers sometimes try to copy the features of animals and apply them to vehicles. For example, this vehicle copies the streamlined body of a dolphin to make it faster in the air. Also, nowadays, groups of planes fly in a V shape to preserve fuel. Future of Entertainment Scientists have built a projector
that projects images onto the entire
room to emphasize visual experiences. Boffins at Google corps. has
created an ingenious invention.
Google Glass are a pair of glasses
that respond to voice activation. Future of the Home Online fridges?
Large, wall-sized flatscreen TVs?

The home has surely evolved to suit
plenty of needs. The online fridge searches for what recipes you can conjure up with the food inside it. Miscellaneous Scientists have found an insect that can destroy microbes with its wings!
Currently we are trying to develop
an imitation of the material so that
we could apply it to unhygienic
objects such as doorknobs. DNA guns are a very recent invention used for fighting crime. Instead of firing actual bullets, this gun fires a device that receives the victim's DNA and then drops onto the floor for the Police to pick up. The device can then be placed onto a suspect and if the DNA matches, it glows blue. Tired of carrying your luggage?
Hop is a suitcase with AI
(artificial intelligence) that
follows its owner around. If it
loses contact with the owner,
Hop messages its owner via
text message or e-mail. This bionic eye aids the blind to see things. However, the things you see are just black and white dots. In the future, we are hoping to develop bionic eyes with full colour images! End DoorBot is a door that lets you communicate with people at your front door even if you are not at home. Mood-controlled headphones?
MiCO is a pair of headphones that scans your brain and selects a song that suits your mood. Holograms; a classic in sci-fi
films. The closest we have got
to that itself is a device
that uses jets of air and a
projector. Sensors detect your
finger movements in the air. The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury has constructed an advanced gaming army simulator that provides realistic gameplay with paintballs to bruise you and treadmills to sprint on! Vsauce2's Mind Blow series on YouTube provides you with brand new mind-boggling inventions and discoveries of today! It is also the source of most of our findings! Tired of slow-moving traffic?
This motorcycle-helicopter hybrid
lets the impatient take to the skies!
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