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No description

Poppi Gregory

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of meteoroids

meteoroids,asteroids and comets
are sometimes called hairy stars , they are frozen bodies of gas, ice and dust which travel in large, *elliptical orbits around the sun.

*Elliptical means a oval egg shape.
Comas, the front part of the comet, sometimes have the diameter of 1000000km! WOW.

Also called planetoids and or minor planets.
Asteroids are small planetary like bodies that revolve around the sun. Most are found around the asteroid belt in the middle of Mars and Jupiter.
The asteroids inside the belt are varied to be sized from 6 m - 900km.
It is thought by scientists that asteroids have been created by the left over materials of the creation of planets.
originate from asteroid crashes which leave small particles of rock and metallic
Meteoroids move around space close to the sun.
Once meteoroids are pulled by earths gravity and sucked in to its atmosphere
it becomes a meteor.
A meteoroid becomes a meteorite when it reaches earths surface.

now we are going to learn about
These are different types of asteroids
This is the asteroid belt
Thanks for watching

Hi I'm an asteroid
by Poppi Belle Gregory
A Poppi Belle Gregory prouction
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