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gina levine

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of yearbook

Thesis Timeline of Technology-based Clubs and Technologies in the real world Number of technology-based clubs since 1985 Interview with Mr. Lee Interview with Game Development Club President Jack Squires Conclusion Palisades Charter High School was originally founded in 1961. Since then technology has been advancing fast, and has influenced clubs and culture at Palisades Charter High School . Because of technological advancements from 1980 to 2012, more clubs, pods, and overall classes and funds have been created at the school that donate attention to technology. Computer club 1983 Gina: When you were at Pali, do you remember seeing as many students carrying technology, for example cell phones?
Mr. Lee: Well we had different technologies, but no not really.
Gina: Why do you think most teachers use teacherweb?
Mr. Lee: becuase it makes it easier to communicate with stu- dents, especially because some students start their homework later, and they can just check teacherweb.
Gina: Can you remember any popular technology-based clubs or any technology-based clubs when you were at Pali?
Mr. Lee: A couple, like the science club or computer club.
Gina: When you were at Pali were there any computers in the library?
Mr. Lee: No, the library was very different, there were no computers at all and no one really used the library when I was at Pali.
Gina: In your opinion, do you think there's more of an influence of technology in the school?
Mr. Lee: A lot more influence, yes. Angelica: When did this club started?

Jack: This club started this year.

Angelica: What is the club about?

Jack: It's about creating virtual games like on your computer.

Angelica: What gave you the idea to create this club?

Jack: Well.... Me and my friends thought it was a really cool to start a club like this over the summer. In conclusion, technology has become a more and more integral part of Palisades Charter High's culture. Palisades Charter High School even has statements where they clearly state how integrating more technology into the school was a goal, and how they've accomplished that goal, for example, with tools like the LCD projectors in almost all the classes. You've also seen how technology in the outside world has influenced clubs at Pali. For instance, in 1986, the disposable camera was invented, and in 1989, the Photo Club appeared at Pali. Another example is that in 1980, the Hepatitis-B vaccine was created, and that same year, the forensics club was created. Besides clubs, Pali now offers many classes as shown in the previous slide. Even this project is a testement to how Pali has become very technology advanced, because last year this project was done on posterboard, and now it is all being done online. Computer Club 1989 Photo club 1989 Tech club 2000 Photo, Robot, and Rocket
club 2012 Robotics 2012 "• PCHS Accomplishments of the School-wide Action Plan from 2005-2006
•Overall, how has PCHS accomplished the Goals of our 2005-2006 Action Plan?
•PCHS has significantly progressed in accomplishing our school-wide action plan goals in the last six years.
•These three goals were:
•A. Supporting academic achievement and personal growth for all groups of students
•B. Improving communication among all stakeholders
•C. Upgrading facilities and improving technology" - 1980-2012 "•In order to facilitate and encourage ongoing communication among diverse stakeholders, PCHS leadership has provided direct access to a variety of technology-based tools. This year, PCHS introduced the Blackboard Connect, a program offered through ConnectEd that provides language translation services of school-based communications, including documents and forms, as well as electronic access to student attendance, report cards, and progress reports. Another tool, TeacherWeb, provides parents and community members with an ongoing window in the classroom, as teachers routinely post daily agendas, assignments, and class handouts. Student grades are posted in password-protected files. In an effort to support our diverse population, PCHS sponsors meetings in off-site locations in communities where our traveling students live. In addition, school officials sponsor several forums designed to instruct parents how to use technology to access school resources, including TeacherWeb, Blackboard Connect, and Family Connection, a web-based program that helps parents navigate the college application process." - - "Through various stakeholder surveys, PCHS has gathered valuable data concerning the need for adequate technology and facilities. Even with the foundations of the school’s technology infrastructure now in place, PCHS still seeks to make better use of technology. PCHS students need access to state-of-the-art technology to make positive contributions to the global society. The Operations, Facilities, and Technology Committee has assimilated stakeholder input regarding facilities and technology. Within the last two years, the committee has compiled a long-term Technology Plan for the school." "•Despite limited resources, PCHS has upgraded the school’s technology infrastructure and increased the size of the technology department. At the end of the last WASC cycle, the school had a small technology department in place. The department has grown into a technical coordinator and two technicians. Additionally, the school hired a technical consultant, TCS Network Consulting. During the last six years, this team has been able to provide classroom support and equipment to incorporate multi-media lectures and technology-enriched curriculum. Wireless Internet access is available on campus, and some classrooms have LCD projectors, and document readers. Other improvements include mobile laptop carts, a VOIP classroom phone system, a new sound system, networked photocopying machines, classroom computers, updated software, photo lab computer upgrades, and state-of-the-art stadium, theatre, and library facilities. With funding from the Lions Club, the Study Center was able to secure twenty new computers. And through a subscription purchased by the library, students now have access to web-based databases 24 hours a day.
-- Pali Statements continued 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2 2012 Technology page 2000 Film 2012 1982 1980 Videos (L) and Radio (R) 1980 Tech club 1980 This club is media based because the people on creating virtual games and this is communicating across laptop or computer. Hepatitis-B Vaccine 1980 first IMB-Pc 1981 the apple Lisa invented 1983 windows program invented in 1985 Fuji disposable camera invented 1986 world wide web and internet protocol invented 1990 Dvd invented 1995 Web TV invented 1996 iBOT invented in 1999 iPod invented 2001 aibo robot invented 2003 youtube invented 2005 apple introduces iPhone 2007 iPad invented in 2012 The number of smart phones worldwide reaches 1 billion in 2012. Tablet computers become the fastest adopted technology hardware with a 10% adoption rate in 2.5 years in 2012. -- by Angelica G. by Gina L. Classes Offered at Pali that are Technology-based Graphic Arts
Regional occuptional program (includes training in Flash/Computer animation, graphic designer, mechanic and television production
Information Technology/Global Society
Inforamtion Procesing
Introduction to Computers
Computer Programming
Computer Science
Film Making
Computer Animation
Data Processing
Office Technology
Music Technology
Photography 2
Yearbook There are around 160 individual classes offered at Pali, and 16 of them are technology-based classes. That means that roughly 10% of the classes offered at Pali are technology-based. Pali also REQUIRES it's students to have at least 10 credits in Applied Technology in order to graduate. They don't even require students to have foreign language credits to graduate. Yea rbook Project This is a project by Gina Levine,
Cole Bruckner,
Angelica Gonzolez,
and Gabriel Case Statements from Pali
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