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The Memory Keeper's Daughter

No description

Sierra Bonsall

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The Memory Keeper's Daughter

The Memory Keeper's Daughter
By: Kim Edwards

Brief Synopsis
Setting: Time and place
-Story begins in 1964 Lexington, Kentucky.
-The story told covers a 24 year span.
-The story ends in 1988 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Throughout the story, author cuts between Lexington and Philadelphia.
Cause of the conflict
Plot summary
-David and Nora Henry are expecting a baby.
-Two babies are born (Paul and Phoebe), however Phoebe has downs syndrome.
-The baby with downs is passed to Caroline (nurse), she is asked to get rid of her.
-Nora was told her girl was born dead
-Caroline can not get rid of the child and keeps her.
-Caroline moves away and raises Phoebe on her own.
-Paul and Phoebe meet at Nora's wedding
Nora Henry
-Married to David Henry
-Mother to Paul Henry
-Smart lady with a kind heart
-Needs to have people around to feel validated
Dr. David Henry
-Husband to Nora Henry
-Father to Paul Henry
-Is a very charismatic man who feels for others
-Puts the well being of others over his own
Caroline Gill
-Previously infatuated with David Henry
-Very smart, intuitive and well spoken
-Great listener and has a great memory
-Is very compassionate and caring for others
Main Characters
Person Vs. Self Conflict
Effect of the conflict
Passage: The blue eyes were cloudy, the hair jet black, but he barely noticed any of this. What he was looking at were the unmistakeable features, the eyes turned up as if with laughter, the epigraphical fold across their lids, the flattened nose. A classic case he remembered a professor saying a "mongoloid, do you know what that is?"
"There's a place," said David, writing the name and address on the back of an envelope "I'd like you to take her there. I'll issue the birth certificate and I'll call to say your coming."
Genre: Realistic Fiction Published in:2005
Theme: Betrayal
Message: Secrets never remain untold, secrets can ruin your life.
- David Henry gives away his child
-His reasoning is that she has Downs syndrome
-He gives her away before getting to know her
-Nora is unhappy her baby died.
-David feels gulity for not telling her the truth
-David still misses his sister who died
-He does not want to feel that way again
-He does not want to have to see his child die
-Seeing pictures of his daughter reminds him of what he did
-David regrets giving away his daughter
-David beats himself up for giving the baby up
-He is unfocused and always thinking of her
-His attitude is poor because of his regret
-He tries to track down his daughter
Relationship to theme: The secret that David is keeping is ruining his life
Passage: "Do you ever think our lives would have been different if Phoebe had lived?" Nora asked as she placed a stack of neatly folded clothes in to her suitcase, "Do you think Paul is missing her?".
David listened to Nora babble on about the daughter she thought had died. Over the past year David had received numerous photos of his daughter, now three years old. She was beautiful just like her mother. "How could i have given up something so beautiful, I should tell her, I have to tell her." David thought to himself.
Character Development
-David Henry is a doctor
-David is married to Nora
-He has a son and Gave away his daughter
-David had a sister with down syndrome
-He was very close to his sister
-Her death took a huge toll on Davids life
-She died when David was 16
-David discovers a love for photography
-He finds a way to express his regret
-He gets to know his daughter through photographs
-David visits his old house in
-He opens up about his old family
-His mother died, His father died and His sister died
-He really misses his family
I would recommend this book to anyone who...
-Enjoys two different lives coming together
-a dramatic fiction
-a story of secrets
Favorite aspect: I liked how the book began as one story, split in to two different stories and then at the end came back together again.
The Memory Keeper's Daughter is a fantastically written novel and a compelling story well worth reading. It is a great book, easy to read cover to cover.

Passage: Seeing those pictures of his daughter brought as tear to Davids eye, how could he have just let her go like that. For the first time since his daughter was born a sudden feeling of regret came over David. "I have given a beautiful baby away based on the fact that she reminded me of my sister." David said aloud though no one was around to hear him.
Growing up David had a simple life, his family had not had much money but that was not important to him. As a child David didn't have fancy toys or large amounts of money, he only valued one thing, his sister.
By: Sierra Bonsall
Published by: Viking press Number of pages: 405
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