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No description

Nana Wang

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Zumo

ZUMOSPA Place - A huge market with the population of 115 millions
- The sport energy drinks market
- Mexican consumers love new products
- Distribution channels are well-built Product Keep the brand name Zumo Price 60 cents Mind Map Special Division:
- Raise awareness of Zumo brand
- Mexico - the potential market
- Adapt the product for global market Zumo versions:
- Original Zumo
- Hot Zumo (chilli powder)
- Tequila Zumo (Tequilana leaf)
- Diet Zumo (no sugar) Redesign the cover and color based on specific versions. - A reasonable price for a developing country like Mexico
- A suitable price to enter new market and compete with other brands Promotion Competion:
- Long-term strategy: Rural to Urban
- Short-term strategy: Gift away Official sponsor for Olympic Games Advertisement:
-Newspapers, magazines
- Posters
- Radio announcement
- Press release Using new slogan
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