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Doordan,S-Endangered Species

No description

Sam Doordan

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Doordan,S-Endangered Species

*Giant Pandas live throughout the mountains of China.

*Pandas can live in very high altitudes.

*Many Giant Pandas die due to habitat loss because of logging.

*The average person could search for the Giant Panda in its habitat and take more than 4 years. Ailuropoda Melanoleuca The Giant Panda Habitat Endangered Reasons Characteristics Conservation *Logging is a main source of endangerment of
the Giant Panda

*Pandas are killed in hundred every year just for poaching alone.

*Mother pandas only have one to two cubs per year adding to the endangered reasons.
* Pandas are more scavengers then hunters
so they aren't on the top of the food chain. * Forest and Anti-Pelt patrols go through
China to find poachers.
* Logging in China in certain place shave set
stop to help the Giant Panda.
* Zoos take in many pandas for the protecton
they need.
* The Giant panda was put on the Endangered Species list in May 6Th 2006
* You can find many websites that
show caring people trying to
save this animal. * Giant Pandas are known to be mostly solitude.
* Giant Pandas have a racoon like face with black surrounded eyes black limbs and a white torso
* Their diet consist 99% bamboo and 1% is grass, small rodents, and musk deer fur.
* Giant Pandas have lived up to 35 years old.
* In order to survive a full grown panda
must consume 22-40 pounds of b bamboo a day. Role in ecosystem * The Giant Panda's diet consits of 99%

* The Giant Panda is not a predator nor prey.

* The Giant Panda has a fairly large territory
and can be territorial.Role in ecosystem Fascinating Facts * The Giant Panda is thought to be type of raccoon.

* The Giant Panda has records of being three-million years old.

* It may not look but the Giant
Panda is a fairly decent cli-
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