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Psyc. 335: Final Presentation


Jennifer L.

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Psyc. 335: Final Presentation

Views of Sexuality in Asian and North American Culture by Jennifer L. Knowledge Attitudes Experiences "sexual anatomy, physiology, psychology, and general hygiene" (Meston, 1998). Studies of Canadian college students measured their knowledge of: Results of these studies showed that participants of Asian ethnicity possessed far less sexual knowledge than participants of other ethnicites. Exposure to Western society Increased sexual knowledge Sexual attitudes were much more conservative for Asian-Canadian participants than for other Canadian ethnic groups. Exposure to Western society Liberal sexual attitudes Except for attitudes about uncommitted sexual activity Another study found that time spent in Western society did not affect sexual attitudes. Extent to which Asian participants adopted liberal sexual attitudes was related to the ties they held to their heritage culture. Asian-American participants had less sexual experience than participants of other ethnicities. Asian-Americans had fewer sexual partners than Caucasian-Americans. These experiences also occurred at a later age than those of Caucasian-Americans. Asian-Canadian women experienced greater anxiety in relation to anticipated sexual activity. Levels of anxiety decreased with acculturation into Western society. Levels of sexual desire and arousal were lower for women of Asian ancestry than for North American women of other ethnicities. Homosexuality More openly accepted in the United States than in a number of Asian countries. Acculturation to North American culture led Asian homosexuals to feel more open about their orientation. Often viewed by Asian society as a "White-Western phenomenon" that does not exist in Asian cultures (Chan, 1989). Usually kept a secret in Asian cultures. Many homosexuals in Asian society will even have heterosexual marriages and procreate in order to maintain secrecy and uphold cultural norms. Overall: Asian cultures tend to be more conservative in their views of sexuality than North American cultures. Most likely cause: Collectivist nature of Asian culture Individualistic nature of North American culture Interdependent view of self Independent view of self Identity defined as one's relationship to the social group Identity defined as collection of personal traits Open expression of sexuality could affect social harmony and one's relationship to the group. References Asian-Canadian participants had more sexual knowledge than those surveyed in Asian countries. Canadian-born Asian participants held more liberal sexual attitudes than Asian participants who had recently immigrated to Canada. Why is it important? Everyday interaction Therapy and diagnosis
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