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Process of Communication

No description

Grace Cummings

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Process of Communication

Communication is more than just sending and receiving messages! It is a multi-step process that requires cooperation and understanding from both parties. Why is Communication Difficult? Sender has a message to communicate. Encoding Sender translates a mental picture of the message into symbols. Transmission The channel through which a message will pass from sender to receiver Receiving Receiver must be attentive so he/she can receive the message. Decoding The message must be interpreted and translated into meaning. -Email?
-In writing?
-Face-to-face? Understanding Receiver's interpretation of the message will
hopefully match the sender's intent. Sender Receiver Idea I think I'll ask Jill how her math test went. She was super stressed about it all week! Feedback -A response that indicates whether or not the
message was understood and interpreted as the sender hoped.
-Physical or psychological
'noise' that prevents the message from being heard or understood Prevent the message from being heard or understood "Hey, sis! How'd that math test turn out today?" Interference Who: Jill
What: Ask about math test
Where: At home
When: After school
Why: I care!
How: Friendly and supportive tone How did I do on the math test today? It went great, thanks for asking! I shouldn't have been so stressed! ...But sometimes, distractions can interfere with the receipt of a message. External: T.V. show, music on the radio, loud traffic
Internal: Headache, lack of sleep, daydreaming Different types of 'noise' prevent the message from being heard or understood correctly. Josh wants to know if I think I did a good job or a bad job on the math test today. Josh Jill Receiver Sender
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