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Copy of GCSE Anthology: Sunlight on the Grass - My Polish Teacher's Tie

No description

Jackie Brothwood

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of GCSE Anthology: Sunlight on the Grass - My Polish Teacher's Tie

A02: Language, Structure and Form A01: Themes and Ideas Stereotypes Teachers- clever Kitchen Staff - not clever Polish teacher assumes Carla is a teacher Carla ashamed of her job Foreigners - are strange and have an accent Carla identifies herself through her materialistic attributes like her hourly wage and unattractive uniform. Relationships Carla - mother / daughter no mention of partner Teachers look down on her isolated and lonely Steve - represents a friend Links her back to her mother (mother tongue) gives her identity back Loss of Identity Resurfacing of her Identity Class She has little confidence in herself. She allows the preconception of her £3.89 identity weigh down her real cultural identity. She is not happy in her job. Lack of confidence is further shown when she embodies herself through objects "wiped my surfaces", the use of the pronoun 'my' gives the impression that wiping surfaces is all she is. Short sentences "I can't speak now". "They don't know that here." Shows a lack of acknowledgment of her background. Regret is shown as she wants to remember but cannot. A major dislike between teachers and Carla and vice-versa, she detaches herself from the school's teaching community through using the pronoun 'they'. The use of explicitly showing that Carla has no interest in what the head says to "his staff as a rule" signifies lack of care and gives the impression that it is a natural reaction. There is no acknowledgment from the teaching staff what-so-ever "Knot" of teachers shows that it is hard to undo, she is not wanted. "Stitched smile" gives the impression of manipulation, false and forced. A series of short sentences to show resentment from Carla, whereas the raising of the voice of the headteacher shows he has no interest in her and sees her as an inconvenience and a nuisance. Contact with Stefan acts as a medium to recover her Polish roots. Not only that, but she shows her love for poetry and memories of what her mother sang to her. She retracts into her £3.89 self the moment she feels she loses Stefan and thus loses this 'new found' her. This is shown through "blue overall;" "big teapot"; "Plate of buns in front of me." Her decision to reveal who she is to Stefan at the end of the story shows how a new character has been awoken; she immediately gains self-respect from paragraphs. She overcomes her dislike of teachers and the fear of destroying the 'role' of her dinner lady persona to talk to Stefan and sing a Polish song. Short repetitive sentences show excitement - "I knew it, I knew it" which relates to all the emotion diving into her brain simultaneously. My Polish Teacher's Tie Language Symbolism Structure Narrative Tone / Style Informal, colloquial (slang type) language and half sentences shows and confirms Carla's ordinariness and possibly her Englishness. Pronouns used for detachment and to emphasis dislike. In formalities between the head / Valerie shows constant between relationship between the teaching staff and the head / Carla. Use of "knot", "overall", "shared" all used for effect. It is implied that Carla is like the "poetic bird" Everyone could hear it sing but no-one could find her but she is "found" by Stefan. Carla is forced to be trapped in her £3.89 identity, although she can still reach out and try to embrace her heritage, much like the bird who kept singing. "Terribly hopeful tie" represents a sort of innocence and optimism, something Carla has perhaps lost. She makes the connection with Steve that no-one else has, also she looks past his clothes and appreciates him for who he really is. The line referring to "a country better than the one either of us lived in." Signifies that what they have is part real and part perceptive reality; it could represent an ideal of friendship and understanding. The story is built upon a traditional short story structure, with an introduction, a climax and a resolution. The final section in the staffroom is about release. The song goes through Carla "Like a knife through butter", which shows it cuts into her past/identity, which opens the floodgate to her memory, to her dormant Polish language and her identity. The story is told from Carla's perspective in a first person narrative which molds the perceptions of the reader. Carla's position, of the teacher's at the school - her views shape ours. Minimal dialogue is used, with most of the opinions of Carla portrayed through her inner voice. Set out as a thought would occur in the mind e.g. "I would be off sick, or I could say Jade was ill." Use of simple sentences in the story achieves impact, for example Stefan. "Stefan Jesoirgny".
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