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T-Tauri Stars

No description

Lauren Harrison

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of T-Tauri Stars

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T-Tauri Stars
< 10 million years old
< 3 solar masses
temperatures too low for nuclear fusion to occur
radiation emmitted by the star comes from the energy produced from the star contacting under its own gravitational force
Bok Globules
Dark Nebulae

Dense clouds of gas and dust absorb light from the stars behind
Appear dark in front of the brighter background
Generally round but some are twisted and distorted.

Bipolar Flow
Herbig-Haro Objects
Massive cloud of dust , gas and plasma
mainly hydrogen and helium gas
"steller nurseries"
i.e. where stars are born
Formed when portions of the steller medium undergo gravitational collapse
How Stars Are Born
Spiral pattern itself is the key to star formation
As interstellar clouds encounter the spiral arms, the clouds are compressed, triggering star formation.
Once the pattern starts, it will continue in a cycle.
As massive stars form, it pushes remaining gas back which causes compression in the gas around it.

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