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Career Services Introduction

This Prezi goes through the basic resources found in Career Services as well as the basics of constructing resumes and cover letters.

Me Me

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Career Services Introduction

Let's start with the basics...
Julie Smith
smith1jc@cmich.edu | (989) 958-6721
current address: 203 West Bellows St, Room 213 | Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
permanent address: 418 Homer St | Lansing, MI
Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI
Bachelor of Applied Arts ,
May 2017
Major: Apparel Merchandising and Design (Design Concentration)
Minor: French
Jo-Ann Fabric, Mount Pleasant, MI
Fabric Cutter, January 2011--Present
Answer questions about fabric usages
Handle a variety of fabrics to increase personal knowledge of textiles
Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design, August 2010--Present
Treasurer, August 2013--Present
Collect funds from members to pay for the betterment of the organization
Monitor organization's fundraisers to increase profits to be donated to community projects
Serve on the executive bored to demonstrate good behavior
American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorists, January 2012--Present
Knit scarves for community members to effectively serve the community while improving personal craft skills
Dye different textiles to experiment with textile usage
Promote the use to eco-friendly chemicals in fabrics to protect the environment
Dean's List: Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013
GPA: 3.72
United Women of the Midwest Scholar: Fall 2012
Julie Smith
smith1jc@cmich.edu | (989) 958-6721
current address: 203 West Bellows St, Room 413 | Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
permanent address: 418 Homer St | Lansing, MI
Let's start with the basics...
...Cover Letters
If it is over 3.0
Beginning: Attention-grabbing verb
Middle:Who or What?
End: Why?
for customers
to assist
customers with sewing projects
This is where you thank the person reading the letter. They are going to be going through a few cover letters, so it is always a good idea to thank them for their time and for reviewing your application.
To whom it may concern,
Julie Smith
If you know who to address it to...
Mrs. Anne M. Pierce
Human Resources
The Sewing Company
371 Mission St
Lansing, MI 48858
if not...
Feel free to mess with format--there is no one right way to a resume
use the same heading as your resume
purpose of the letter
& experience
Thank you
so then what?
The One
Career Shop
your source for
career resources
make connections on professional websites
build your personal brand
blog, write, and talk about things happening in your industry
Business Attire
Write 200 words on why you need business apparel,
you keep the clothes!
and then
Mock Interview Program
Practice Makes Perfect!
Capital City Internship Program
Go to Lansing
for FREE
To do fabulous internships
open to ANY MAJOR
February 3, 2014
Career Services
Ronan 240
...What are you waiting for?
This is where the purpose of the letter goes. Talk about how you heard about the position. If you spoke to someone about the position at, for instance, a career fair talk about that now. This is the prefect place for you to show off all of your networking within the company.
This is where you talk about why you should be hired for this position. Talk about your qualifications and experiences that you could bring and apply to the new position. This is the perfect place to take something from your resume and fully explain it. Remember that when you talk about your experiences and qualifications, you want to bring them back to the company and why those experiences and qualifications make you the perfect pick for the company!

If you want to break your experiences down into two paragraphs, feel free to do so. This additional paragraph can help you to organize your experiences into two clear categories.
For Resume and Cover Letter critiques and aid
10:00 am--3:00 pm
and ALL grade levels
Call for a one-on-one appointment
Career Central
employer contacts
how to sign up for a mock interview
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