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Group Presentation Chapter 3

No description

prakriti maskey

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Group Presentation Chapter 3


Chapter 3
Campus Living:Roommate Relations Zhenyu Zhang
Naoshin Faruqui
Prakriti Maskey Case Study Class Discussion Vocabulary Discussion Questions References Our point of view... Problem Faced By Maria Afterward.... Maria... Relation Between Roommates Disadvantages of having roommate Advantages of having roommates Campus Life I prefer to get along with my roommate. At least the relationship is harmonious. 1. Conflicting individual character = misery. 1. Maria - from Venezuela
2. Studying - United States.
3. Youngest - Family bond 1. Roommate = Jenny - likes hard rock music

2. Different personalities, not compatible.

3. Jenny - call her boyfriend, he used to sleep over
- Maria didn't like - not the culture of her country.

4. Jenny's boyfriend came - Maria felt very scared.

5. Jenny - messy, Maria - neat and clean 1.Maria's friend - Elena.
- Maria discussed her problems with her.

2. Maria called her mom.
- How is she?
- Responded positively

3. Maria became brave.
- Decided to move in with Elena.

4. Courage = solved her problem. 1. What do you think about Coed Dorm Rooms? Should it be allowed?
2. What would you do if your roommate comes drunk one night and start abusing you (verbally or physically)?
3. If you find your roommate using any form of alcohol or drug, what would you do? If he/she is addicted to it so much and wants to avoid it but can't, than how would you help him/her?
4.How would you define a perfect roommate? What qualities does your roommate possess that makes him/her good/bad roommate?
5.Why do you think misunderstanding occurs between roommates? Cultures in Contrast (Myra Shulman) Binge: What your college students won't tell you (Barrett Seaman) SCSU Library Sanam Tamang and Arham Khan ---Manisha Subedi and Arika Pathak 1. Harmony without uniformity. Principles 2. Helpful and friendly to roommates. 3. Respect each other. We can unfamiliar but we must respect each other. 4. Following the rules and other's lifestyle ,even religion. 1.We can adapt to campus atmosphere quickly. 2. We can help each other to study. Compared with living alone. This advantage is irreplaceable. 3.We will not feel lonely anymore. We can share some interesting things. 2. Maybe too noisy and can't get enough relaxation. 4. After coming to U.S. - frightened, homesick
5. Home country - different culture and norms than USA. Some factors affecting roommate relationships: 1. Manisha & Arika:
- roommates from same country
- knew each other previously
- same cultural traditions
- live happily 2. Sanam & Arham:
- from different countries
- didn't know each other
- different cultures
- don't get along * Regardless of relationship:
- be patient
- be friendly
- communicate
- cooperate
- compromise
- be helpful The Different Dorms at
SCSU SCSU Dorms-comprised of 10 residential halls.
-4 types of dorms; gender-based floors,
coed floors, traditional residence halls
and apartment living.
-roommate rights.
-fully furnished apartments.
-very affordable prices.
-very safe and secure.
-you can choose your room
partner (if you wish to).

. - In U.S premarital sex - assumed to be normal
- can be seen as unusual to international students.

- Difference in values - can cause cultural shock

- Most international students - prefer dormitories.

- At times roommates can be difficult to handle
- their activities can amaze other roommates.

- Majority of the people try to impose
themselves over their roommates. www.stcloudstate.edu/reslife/reshalls/default.asp Our friends---
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