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Treasure Island Prezi: historian


Colio portfolio portfolio

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Treasure Island Prezi: historian

By: Robert Louis Stevenson prezi done by Cole Atkinson Treasure Island 1. Look at examples of piracy in our culture and determine how illegal music downloading and illegal DVD copying are examples of piracy? How do they impact our daily life? How is modern day piracy similar to the piracy in the 1800s? The definition of piracy is " A robbery commited at sea" in one definition, and in another it says " The unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted or patented material". These two definitions have one trait in common. They are both crimes and illegal offenses. So, if you say how ILLEGAL music downloading and DVD copying are related to piracy, the word illegal gives it all away. They impact daily life by putting fear and regret into people who do it, making it a smart choice not to illegally download music or copy DVDs. Modern Day Piracy is related to 1800s piracy because they are both crimes and will result in jail time, whether in the 1800s or now. 2. How did Pirates affect everyday life: government, trade, and culture? The main thing that pirates really affected was that they put fear into the waterways. They made it very risky for sailors to ship their product across the ocean. They also put fear in culture rituals that involve fishing or boating. They put fear in government by making the government not ship necessary items to other countries that they made trades with. 3. What distinguishes a pirate from a sailor? Well, they have things in common like crossing the seas on a boat or ship, but the trait that distinguishes a pirate from a sailor is a pirate steals, murders and robs people, while a sailor doesn't. Pirates do have a code of ethics. If they were ever to sneak a woman on the ship, they would be penalized by death. Pirates would also punish transgressions by putting them under the ship to drown. Barnacles would also rip off their clothes. Commonly also, pirates would walk the plank. 4. Do pirates have a code of ethics? If so , what is it?
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