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UI Framework adventure

No description

Pavel Bolkhovitin

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of UI Framework adventure

Starring Common Module UI Framework Adventure! Overview Alerts Copy/Cut/Paste - available from on all modules, if you don't see it on top, you can find it in the right click menu or using Hot keys. Simple UI, they are everywhere! The Holly scroll of User Guide will help
us to known Alerts and Flags Better Each kingdom should have a Flag...
and Alert system The Select Columns dialog box enables you to specify which columns are displayed in ALM and the order in which they appear.The Select Fields dialog box enables you to specify which fields are displayed when sending emails about entities to other users. There is no order? Columns are an option! Flags Columns Filtering Favorites Mailing Spell Check Export from Grids Copy\Paste Copy URL Multiselection Attachments Find\Replace Rich memo Text Search History Once upon a time, there was a magic kingdom of ALM and the UI guys lived there Filtering can be found in:
Libraries(simple), Requirements, Business Module, Test Resources(simple), Business Components, Test Plan,Test Lab, Defects. Sometimes you don't like your kingdom's view - Filter it to make things better! Multiselection - have u ever heard about Shift or Ctrl buttons? In all modules you can select one or several entities using this magic buttons! But don't try to select different types ( like folders and sub entities). Attachments - some times in the kingdom of ALM u can find that word are not enough, the Attachments can save you! Attach a file ( any type) Attach an URL Make and attach a Snapshot of your screen Add your system information Add your clipboards content Simple filtering Normal filtering Adding Flag dialog When a requirement, test, or defect changes, HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) can alert the associated entities and notify those responsible for any associated entities. Your ALM project administrator can activate alert rules based on associations you make between requirements,tests, and defects. Copy URL - Copies a selected entity and pastes its URL as a link. The requirement itself is not copied. Instead, you can paste the address into another location, such as an email or a document. Clicking the link opens ALM and takes you to the entitie. If you are not already logged in, ALM first prompts for login details. Each journey should have their Favorites Fill the Uniqueness What about the UI ? Tired and lonely? Send a MAIL ! Lost ? Three brothers will help you!
Meet - Find and Replace
and the youngest one - Text Search! Your bags are full of loot ?
It's time to Export from Grids! Requirements Test Plan Test Execution Defects Want to write your adventure ?
Time for Rich Memo ! Check your spells , for the final battle using Spell Check How it looks? Spell check Thesaurus Spelling options It is time to become History
or Clear everything you've done You will meet this guys each time adding Comment or using Description tab in any entity There is limit for text information you can put into the field, also using the upper tab you can do some Word-like manipulations with the text By pressing Add Comment , your current user name and time will be added as it shown on the picture
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