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Technology in Oryx and Crake and 1984

No description

Pop Lobster

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Technology in Oryx and Crake and 1984

George Orwell; 1949
Main plot points:
Protagonist: Winston Smith
Lives in a totalitarian society run by one party
Use technology to alter documents (changing who they are at war with)
The abuse of technology in 1984 and Oryx and Crake
Margaret Atwood; 2003
Main plot points:
Protagonist: Jimmy (Snowman)
World run by corporations and "CorpSeCorps" (police)
Alter videos to manipulate citizens
Oryx and Crake
In both Oryx and Crake and 1984, it is shown that when the regime uses technology only to their own benefit, they are able to gain complete control
Altering Documents: 1984
Jimmy is shown a video of his mother's execution
After, he suspects it may have been fake.
Altering documents: Oryx and Crake
Party frequently changes enemy
Destroy and create evidence
Technology is being abused
Gene splicing
Altering government documents
Taken from an article written by Rob Beschizza
Internet use in exabytes
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