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Emerging Technologies Assessment

No description

Nadia Williams

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of Emerging Technologies Assessment

Online Games
Focus: Kahoot
Games have been around as long as humans.
With the technology explosion over the past thirty years, digital games have been at the forefront.
Web-based games offer mobility and increase community through sharability.
Kahoot is an online website which allows you to create a quiz show-like game to share with others.
Players receive a pin so they can play from their own devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.).
The results are tracked in real time and stored for future reference in data collection.
Kahoot and the CCSD Technology Plan
The Cobb County School District (CCSD) seeks to become closer in its ties to the implementation of the ISTE Standards (formerly called "NETS").
ISTE-International Society for Technology in Education
The CCSD's focus in technology implementation is rooted in: communication and collaboration, research and information, critical thinking, digital citizenship, technology operations, as well as creativity and motivation.
Kahoot can serve as an arm to reinforce all of these focuses as a tool that students and educators can use to share and assess information through game-based quizzes, polls, and by discussion facilitation.
Age and Grade Level of Use
Kahoot is a tool that can be used with students of any age and grade level.
That said, it can also be used in conjunction with professional development sessions for all levels of educators as well.
Equipment & Software Needed
Since Kahoot is a web-based program, all that is needed would be a computer (laptop or desktop) to aid in the creation of the game, quiz, or discussion.
To access the game as a user, all that is needed is a device that can access the internet.
Tech Support Needed
Kahoot is extremely easy to use with a very intuitive UI (User Interface).
Should challenges arise, many tutorials are available within the website as well as on video outlets such as YouTube.
Basic problem-solving and troubleshooting skills are all that is needed.
How will Kahoot be Used in the Classroom?
How could Kahoot be used to meet content standards and student technology standards? (PSC 2.1)
The use of Kahoot both as a user and assessment creator provides students with the ability to meet and review all content standards. With regard to student technology standards, the students can also take on the role of the creator to fully explore all sides of the assessment process.

How does Kahoot promote specific student learning goals (e.g., scientific inquiry, authentic learning, (PSC 2.3) project-based learning, collaborative learning, (PSC 3.1) higher-order thinking skills, (PSC 2.4) research-based learner-centered strategies, (PSC 2.2) writing process, language domains (listening, speaking, writing), etc.?
The level to which Kahoot addresses student learning goals is really in the hands of the educator creating the assessment. How those questions are phrased and presented will make the difference between engaging higher-order thinking skills or supporting language development.

How could Kahoot be used to differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students?(PSC 2.5)
Kahoot allows for some differentiation by providing images and/or videos to support each question. Furthermore, the teacher can choose how active the environment of that particular game session will be by altering the sounds, effects, and time allocated toward each question.

How does Kahoot promote communication locally and globally with students, parents, peers, and the larger community? (PSC 3.7)
Kahoot has a function that allows for you to create a discussion centered around one focus question. That said, these discussions can be saved and shared publicly or privately.

Research Available on Efficacy
The efficacy of play and games in the learning process has been well-documented as far back as the 1920s with the research of Lev Vygotsky.
According to Vygotsky, children learn how to understand the abstract, navigate social rules, and develop self-regulation through play.
According to Laura Sharp of Grand Canyon University, students, particularly high school students, find that the use of games in class makes the environment a safer one which thereby facilitates more ease of learning content.
Games also aid students in the exercising of their decision-making processes and games make this exercise more accessible to students with disabilities.
Implementation Plan
The implementation of Kahoot should be one that is done in an individual basis to support the needs of the educator putting it to use.
For my purposes, I will use Kahoot as a tool for professional development sessions as a quiz, poll, and discussion hub.
More importantly, I will aim to use Kahoot at least once bi-weekly as a check for understanding /BYOD (bring your own device) exercise.
I will also utilize Kahoot as an anticipation guide/pre-assessment so that I have record of how much students already know about a topic of exploration.
Emerging Technologies Assessment
Nadia P. Williams
ITEC 7445
Summer 2014

The process of researching and utilizing the emerging technology of Kahoot as a game-based quiz and assessment platform was really exciting for me. I found myself remembering that the use of technology in the classroom should be as a means to make the learning process easier and more fun, not more complicated. As mentioned in the previous section, I plan to frequently put Kahoot to use in my lessons for this upcoming year, as well as in any professional development sessions I will facilitate. In doing so, I know that I will be able to work as technology leader from inside my school as a learning organization.
Cost and Funding Sources
Since Kahoot is internet-based, it will not be accessible offline, which could present a problem.
Furthermore, Kahoot's efficacy in one's classroom is limited to the internet service capabilities of his or her school as well as the devices being used to access the program.
Since access to and the use of Kahoot is free, the only costs that need to be considered would be for the devices used to access the website.
As a result, funding sources for such devices could come from technology grants; crowd funding sites such as Go Fund Me or Donors Choose; as well as district, state, or federal funds.
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