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tai chi

form of martial art

cody walkling

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of tai chi

Form of martial art the
movements are related
to yoga. Tai Chi in China
By: Cody Walkling It is used to channel your chi or energy. It has health benifits like
releiving stress. The yin yang is a symbol
for a balanced mind. Ba Gua is the form that uses the term eight trigrams
which is fast movement but light touches. Qi is the form that makes
your energy flow smoothly
and peacfully. Yang is one type where the stance
reqires you to have your knees bent most of the time, it helps boost endurence. The Wu form uses a higher form of stance with the knees not bent as much during the movment. Tai Chi Chin is a form with a high stance but does not transfer weight from one leg to the other, the movements are coducted slowly and gracefully. The eight trigrams
is related to the gentle fist, the movments are fast but light to the
touch as if to hit a nerve and do internal damage. The eight trigrams has eight points each one represnts a peice of nature.
Qian heaven,
Xun wind,
Kan water,
Gen mountain,
Kun earth,
Zhen thunder,
Li fire,
Dui lake.
Each one of the points means
a position in a family.
Qian is the father,
Xun is the eldest daughter,
Kan is the middle son,
Gen is the youngest son,
Kun is the mother,
Zhen is the eldest son,
Li is the middle daughter,
Dui is the youngest daughter.
Each one also
represents a season.
Qian the summer,
Xun the summer,
Kan the autumn,
Gen the autumn,
Kun the winter,
Zhen the winter,
Li the spring,
Dui the spring. There are two different types
an earlier and a later one, all the
meanings and definitions are the
same but their points on the
eight triagrams are different. This is the eight trigrams symbol
the end symbol is what it means in
chinese. Yin is Heaven Yang is Earth Neji hyuga from naruto using he eight trigrams 64 palms. Movments in tai chi.
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