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Fuel Minerals

a wonderful prezi created by wonderful people

Zabia Socks

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Fuel Minerals

What are Fuel Minerals?
How Fuel Minerals and Fossil Fuels are Related
How Are Fossil Fuels Formed?
Fossil Fuels are formed from once-living organisms. They are developed over the decay of plant and animal life over millions of years. Coal, natural gas and petroleum are types of fossil fuels.
What's wrong with Fuel Minerals and "Fossil Fuels"?
Fuel Minerals

Fuel minerals are minerals that can be used for fuel. They are carbonaceous fuels stripped from the earth. There are three main types of fuel minerals and they are coal, petroleum, and natural gas. These are also known as fossil fuels.
The relation between fossil fuels and fuel minerals is that they are both used for fuel. Some fuel minerals are types of fossil fuels

Fuel minerals are minerals that are used for fuel

Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources that are formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals that can also be used for fuel.
What's the Difference?
How Fuel Minerals or "fossil fuels" are Used?
Natural Gas
How do fuel minerals work?

Fuel minerals and fossil fuels are used for many purposes. For example, coal is used for fueling trains and natural gas can also be used for heating homes such as furnace's that are fueled by natural gas. Natural gas and coal are both non-renewable energy sources which means there is a limited amount and it means they will eventually run out.
This chart shows Canada's energy consumption
in 2006.

As you saw in the chart over 65% of Canada's energy consumption in 2006 was based on fuel minerals and fossil fuels. Countries worldwide have taken fuel minerals and fossil fuels for granted and have become dependent on them, but fossil fuels will run out eventually. Then what would we do?
Fossil Fuels are polluting our atmosphere.
They are harming the environment and causing an increase in global warming.
Because of all the pollution Fossil Fuels are doing to the environment their are almost no more places on earth that are safe from the human population and pollution from fossil fuels.
Fossil Fuel mining has provided many jobs
to the earth's population.
Mining for fossil fuels is a dangerous and sometimes life-threatening job
The world relies on fossil fuels every day to power factories, power plants, cars, homes and so much more.
Fuel minerals are an easy and efficient way to create energy
Fossil fuels are burned in factories, this creates a smoke that contains harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide.
An example of fossil fuel energy is the smoke from the fossil fuel rotates a magnet and a copper wire which generates electricity.
In Conclusion
Fuel Minerals are beneficial yet harmful. This is because when they burn they release gases into the atmosphere which cause greenhouse gases. Fuel minerals are also providing jobs. Therefore, although fossil fuels benefit the economy they are a burden because they are extremely harmful to the environment.
grade 7 Pearson Geography textbook
What Will Happen if We Run Out Of Fossil Fuels?
Unfortunately, Fossil Fuels are non-renewable energy sources which means that we will eventually run out. However, we can limit our amount if use of fossil fuels and find other alternative energy sources so that we can keep our supply of fossil fuels for many years to come.
When we eventually run out of fossil fuels, if we do not have enough alternative resources then we would surely be doomed. Factories would not be able to function and we would only have a limited amount of energy that only the wealthiest people would have the grandeur of using use.
The solution to our problem is simple, we must find alternative energy sources that are renewable so that we can rely on them more and we would not have to worry about them running out. Some types of renewable resources are solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric energy. We can also use other non-renewable resources as alternatives.

The chart below shows some other renewable energy sources
The issue is the conflicting opinions between the people who see the pros of fuel minerals and the people who see the cons. Although many people are fighting against fossil fuels it is a way of life for the human race and is the most productive way to generate energy.
Fuel minerals and fossil fuels are more economical than many other energy alternatives
Remember that the earth is beautiful.
http://www.dmgnepal.gov.np/index.php option =com_content&view=article&id=110&Itemid=137
By: Zabia & Sydney
Remember that the earth is naturally beautiful!
So keep it clean!
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