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The Drummer Boy of Shiloh

No description

amelia shechet

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of The Drummer Boy of Shiloh

The Drummer Boy of Shiloh
By Ray Bradbury
This historical fiction tells of the young drummer, Joby, as the general teaches him not to underestimate his potential for greatness in the upcoming battle of the civil war.

The profound story demonstrates the futility of trying to understand someones potential before knowing them completely.
Imagery is visually descriptive language.
Ray Bradbury uses it help the reader visualize how Joby's
lack of gun separates him from the rest of the army.

"There wasn't a man boy on the ground tonight who did
not have a shield he cast, riveted, or carved himself on his way to his first attack, compounded of remote but nonetheless firm and fiery family devotion, flag-blown patriotism and cocksure immortality strengthened by the touchstone of very real gunpowder, ramrod, minnie ball, and flint. But without these last the boy felt his family move yet farther off away in the dark...”

This shows why Joby feels he will be useless to the army, he is unprotected and unable to attack the enemy; his shield isn't complete without a touchstone.
He questions how beating a drum will help his comrades.
Symbolism is when a phrase has an indirect meaning.
It is used to show Joby's fear, confusion, and doubt

“A moth brushed his face, but it was a peach blossom. A peach blossom flicked him, but it was a moth. Nothing stayed put. Nothing had a name. Nothing was as it once was.”
This Symbolizes:
He is afraid of death, of the sudden end that could await him and therefore he sees a new version of life
He is confused as he struggles to understand his purpose.
He doubts that the army could need a weaponless soldier.
Metaphor is a figure of speech which claims something is something else in order to highlight shared elements.
It demonstrates how much greater Joby's potential is than he originally believed.

"You are the heart of the army."

Joby is not the literal heart of the army, but the army
needs him like a human needs a heart
Joby provides a rhythm which sends blood coursing
through the mens veins keeping them alive and active.
Despite Joby's original self doubts he comes to believe in himself through the generals words. Joby is a great example of how much greater we can be when we aren't confined by another's views.
Born August 22, 1920
Died June 5, 2012
Wrote science fiction, mystery, fantasy,
plays and nonfiction stories
He was inspired to write "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh" after
reading a newspaper article about an actor's great-great
grandfather, commonly known as , the drummer boy of Shiloh.
Response To Literature
By Amelia Shechet
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