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Government of Maritines & Distant colonies

Made by: Rebecca, Mark, Amy, Jahmal, Kiran

jahmal smith

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Government of Maritines & Distant colonies

Government of
Maritime The begining Nova Scotia was divided into three colonies
( Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Cape Breton.)
transportation was slow and the Government was deciding whether or not to rejoin the colonies. the three governments scheduled a conference in Charlotte town. Separation The distant colonies had traditional British government systems, but they had a strong American influence. the american came during the gold rush in the 1850's. The british Colombians felt that the rest of BNA was too far, so they wanted to join the USA. The british Colombians thought the American Republic was better then the British monarchy Distant Colony Government The distant colonies were too far away to have close relations to Canada. It included New Caledonia and Vancouver Island. They united into British Colombia in 1866. The Distant
Colonies Before 1784, there were only 2 colonies
in the Maritime region Nova Scotia & Prince Edward island. By 1801 the Legislative Assembly was given the right to determine the laws regulating the right to vote but hesitates to move on this issue quickly in order to avoid being overwhelmed by Catholic and non-English votes. It is only in 1830 that the non-protestants are given the vote and in 1836 women are specifically denied the vote by the legislature. Legislative Assembly New Brunswick was a frontier colony in the 1763 brought the same expulsion of Acadians as in the other colonies but many in New Brunswick escaped the round up and because it was sparsely populated the authorities did not maintain a consistent effort. It was also merged with Nova Scotia in 1763 for administrative purposes and was not separated until 1785 when the war against the Americans had finished. The boundary between the US and the British colony of New Brunswick was ill-defined and was not determined until 1794 in the context of Jay's Treaty but not finalized until 1831 through arbitration. The arrival of loyalists increased the number of English colonists but New Brunswick did not receive as many as the other colonies. Frontier Colony Sir James Douglas (1803-1877) became the first governor of the BC colony in 1858. in 1862 he got into trouble with the british because he took loans for constructions without permission. his opponenpts complianed he was a snobbish person and that he is a dictater. the british decied to end his governershi Hero and Villain
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