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Spanish Stuff

No description

Jessica Gray

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Stuff

Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns By : Mekedes & Jessica Background Close Not Close Close Not Close Far Away Far Away In English, the demonstratives this, these,
that, and those are words we use to point
out different things or people. A
demonstrative can be an adjective or a
pronoun and it agree with the noun it
describes or replaces. m. f.
Singular : este esta
this this

Plural : estos estas
these these m. f.
Singular : ese esa
that that

Plural : esos esas
those those m. f.
Singular : aquel aquella
that that

Plural : aquellos aquellas
those those m. f.
Singular : éste ésta
Plural : éstos éstas m. f.
Singular : ése ésa
Plural : ésos ésas m. f.
Singular : aquél aquélla
Plural : aquéllos aquéllas Demonstrative
Adjectives!!! Demonstrative
Pronouns!!! Bingo
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