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College and Career

No description

Payton Ferguson

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of College and Career


For my project I have chosen to become a veterinarian, I have always enjoyed animals. I would like to attend Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, this is also the top vet school in Texas.
• Veterinarians are people who help animals and even the owners of the animals. They help the animals by giving them medicine and assessing their injuries. Vets help the owners by giving them advice on what they can do to help the animals and making suggestions on what animals would be good for them.
What to Learn
• In high school you should take 4 mathematics classes: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. You should take a biology and chemistry class and 4 years of English composition. Also, if your school provides it, you can take animal science which would be in your agricultural classes. The most recommended post-secondary classes are your science classes, mainly biology and chemistry.
Money and Outlook
• The earning potential for a veterinarian grows the longer you are working in this profession. Veterinarian’s entry wage is about $60,318, their average wage is $70,491, and their experienced wage is $84,460. The employment outlook is low, it is equal to or less than 5,000 but, the growth rate is said to increase by 36% through 2010 and 2020.
Industries that employ veterinarians include: animal hospitals, farms, zoos, aquariums, research facilities etc.
There are many places where vets see as of interest. Some being aquariums, zoos, animal hospitals, and different research labs.
Texas A&M University
Address: Rudder Tower,401 Joe Routt Blvd., College Station, TX 77843
Phone Number: (979) 845-3211
Website: www.tamu.edu
Tuition and Other Expenses
Tuition: State Residents, $8,882, Non-Residents, $25,502
Room and board, $9,522
Textbooks, $1,000
Food, $1500
Spending money, $900
Estimated Total Cost:
Resident: $21,804 (one year)
Non-Resident: $38,242 (one year)
Resident: $87,216 (four years)
Non-Resident: $153,696 (four years)
Admission Requirements
GPA of a B or higher
Have to have a written essay (Topic A, B are required and C is recommended)
Minimum score for ACT is a 22 of higher
Minimum score for SAT is above a 1500
Letters of recommendation are required
Deadline is December 1st
$75 application fee
Required admission procedures
High school courses:
4 years of English
4 years of Mathematics
4 years of Science
2 years of the same foreign language
Thanks for Watching
College and Career
By: Payton Ferguson
Employment and Connections
Population: 100,050
Location: College Station, Texas
Student Demographics
Average freshmen GPA is a 2.0
Graduation Rate is 50.7%
Resident/Non-resident ratio-1765:213
Undergrad/graduate ratio-2,036:5,653
Male/female ratio-2:1
Student/faculty ratio is 22:1
Campus Life
Student Activities: Parent weekend, Aggie ring day, Aggiemuster
Sororities/fraternities: Order of Omega,National Pan Hellenic Council, Multicultural Greek Council, Interfraternity Council, Collegiate Pan-Hellenic Council
Clubs: Brazos County A&M Club, Aggie Investment Club, Global Business Brigade, Aggies in Business, Marching Band, Drama/Theater, Student Government, Radio, Television
Sports: (there is a total of 34 clubs) Archery, Baseball, Bowling,Gymnastics,Ice Hockey
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