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The Fuel Tax

STIPDG Policy Paper Presentation - Angueira

Ricky Angueira

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of The Fuel Tax

The Fuel Tax And Alternative Solutions Background Why was the Gas Tax Implemented? To balance the economy during the Great Depression
Main source of funding for transportation needs
Provided a direct link between the source of the money and the use of the money
Easy collection 1919 1932 Oregon
1¢ / Gallon 1930 All Other States
3.8¢ / Gallon Average Federal Gas Tax
1¢ / Gallon 1920 Cons of the Gas Tax Link between payment and use is slowly decreasing Jaime R. Angueira (Ricky) Alternative Get Money From Outside Sources General Taxes, Sales Tax, etc. Raise the Fuel Tax Add More Tolling Stations Solutions Tax Per Vehicle Mile Traveled VMT Tax Provides a Direct Link between Payment and Use Ensures Accurate and Fair Payment Provides a Smooth Transition from
the Fuel Tax 12-Month Pilot Program
285 Fully-Equipped Vehicles
299 Volunteers
Two Service Stations The GPS Receiver The Dashboard Display Equipment Estimated Start-Up Cost Estimated Cost of Operation Estimated Revenue Over Time Non-Liquid Fuel Vehicles Uploading Mileage Data Through Electric Utility Meters
Centralized Data and Billing Centers
Fee Collection with Vehicle Registration The Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax is the Solution!
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