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Comparing Modern Life With Pioneer Life

This Prezi is about the similarities and differences of Modern Life and Pioneer Life

Noorain Munshi

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Comparing Modern Life With Pioneer Life

By: Ayaan Munshi
Comparing Modern Life
With Pioneer Life

The general store
question time
Hello everyone, my name is Ayaan, and today
we are going to compare modern life with pioneer
life. My Prezi will be very interesting, and I hope you will learn a lot from It! At the end of this presentation I will give a 5 questions, so you should pay good attention!
In pioneer days, pioneers built their homes from wood. The pioneers stack their wood on top of each other and they use moss instead of a roof to cover the top of their homes because if it is snowing, the snow wouldn't go through the roof and keeps the house warm. But in modern days, we use brick instead of wood on the outside walls. Also, we make our roofs out of slates or asphalt instead of moss.
In the pioneer general store it was a place were people can get the latest news and were you get your mail.also you can trade some stuff like eggs for ribbions accessories etc.in modern general stores you can get groceries and outside food. some general stores are Rabba,etc . . . .
Some pioneer jobs are blacksmith,wainwright
wheelwright.blacksmith had an important job of
fitting oxen and horses with iron shoes.wainwright
are carriage makers.wheelwrights crafted many sizes
of wheels carriages wagons and carts. in modern days they are thousands of jobs like doctor, engineer
manager etc . . . . .
1. what does a blacksmith do ?
2.what do they do in general stores in pioneer times ?
3.what did pioneer use for transportation ?
4.what do wheel wrights do ?
5.what do pioneers use to build their homes?
Image from: http://rezalution.ca/index.php?showimage=562
Image from: http://vanishingsouthgeorgia.com/tag/south-georgia-log-structures/page/2/
Pioneer Life
Modern Life
Image from: http://pantsinacan.com/2007/06/05/circle-the-wagons/
For transportation, pioneers use Conestoga wagons. Conestoga wagons were used in the late 1800 and early 1900. They were mostly used in Canada. Though in St. Jacobs, they still use Conestoga wagons. In the modern days we use cars, trucks, trains, motorbikes etc...
Image from: http://jmvdesign.deviantart.com/art/Bugatti-Renaissance-Profile-87482814
The female made the clothing. pioneer clothing is not very comfortable. The ladies
had to were many layers of beautiful coats, dresses and aprons
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