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SPSWN is awesome

No description

Samantha Rose

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of SPSWN is awesome

Forecast for Wednesday:
Forecast for Monday:
Now ... Amanthas Astienb with our local sport updates.
Welcome back to...

Forecast for Tuesday:
With your
Samantha Bastien
with the Weather
Manthasa Stienba
Anthasam Tienbas
with the local News
First up....
We have our amazing Samantha Bastien, with our Weather for the week!
Amanthas Astienb
with the Sports
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rain, wind and sunshine.
Forecast for Saturday:
Forecast for Thursday:
Forecast for
Forecast for Sunday:
Sam is AWESOME!!
Cirrus clouds
25-26 degrees Celcius
Precipitation: 10%
Clear skies and winds
Altostratus clouds
26-27 degrees Celcius
Precipitation: 30%
Nimbotratus clouds
28-29 degrees Celcius
Precipitation: 90%
Steady rain
Cloudless skies
31-32 degrees Celcius
Precipitation: 5%
Clear and dry
Cumulonimbus clouds
26-25 degrees Celcius
Precipitation: 90%, thunderstorms
Heavy rain / thunderstorms
Cumulus clouds
22-21 degrees Celcius
Precipitation: 50%
Clouds Clearing
21-22 degrees Celcius
Precipitation: 10%
Skies clearing
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